Thursday, April 14, 2011

You're so vain.

Maybe a better title for this post would be "I'm so vain."

But I'm really not.

Yes, every single picture in this post is of me, but its not because I enjoy it. To be quite honest, its a little distrubing to my psyche. But if I chose not to post pictures with this post, then it might lose all its meaning and practicality.

Not that it contains an ounce of true meaning or practicality. But thats neither here nor there.

Remember, like in the early 90's, when it was all about Alicia Silverstone. I mean seriously, what ever happened to that girl? Its like she was here and then she wasnt. I blame that lame Brendan Fraser movie, "Blast from the Past." I mean, it was really bad. I completely blame the entire demise of Alicia's acting career to that one movie. At least that what helps me sleep at night.

Huh? Nevermind.

Anyway, back in her peek years, she was the source of idolization by every preteen girl with her charismatic role in the classic hit, "Clueless." I mean that movie was awesome, if for no other reason than the closet scene.

C'mon you all remember. She had the revolving closet that was remote controlled and contained the hippest, coolest, most amazing clothes on the planet. Yep, it was pretty awesome.

During one particular scene, Cher is getting ready for a date and she can't quite figure out the outfit of choice. At this point, she goes on a rant about how she "never relies on mirrors, and only takes polaroids."


Well, since its not 1995 anymore, and no one actually even owns a polaroid camera, I have since upgraded. Now, I take a picture of myself with my iphone.

Its simple really. I take the picture, and then send it to myself, so I get a complete unbiased opinion of myself.

I have no idea why I always have one leg out, and one arm on my hip. Like I said, this post is self-reflective. I'm learning quite a bit about myself - and all my little quirks.

And I always chop my head off in the picture, so I can give an honest, unbiased opinon of my wardrobe choices.

Am I the only one that has ever done this?

Surely not.

Everyone takes pictures of themselves before leaving the house, right?



P.S. Children, don't laugh at mom. I swear, these clothes were cool in 2011. Dont judge. You should have seen what your daddy was wearing.


jessica said...

where did you get those shirts? so cute! you look beautiful :)

Jo said...

i love that first shirt, skinny minnie. so cute. and no, i've never done that. but i'm probably the weird one. i don't have a mirror that shows my whole body. only from the chest up.

Timilyn said...

I freaking watched Clueless every single night before I went to bed from like age 13 to 18 Hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Meredith! You look GREAT!

Kimberly {YeP, they are all mine} said...

I LOVE Clueless. And that closet? Yep.

I used to join in What I Wore Wednesday, which required a daily pic of my outfit. So...I think it's perfectly normal!

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