Monday, April 18, 2011

My Big girls

My girls are getting bigger, and this is how I know....

  • They drink from big girl cups.

  • They have friends (ie. Sunday school) to whom I have never met.

  • They strap themselves into their own car seats.

  • They eat cereal with milk. And don't spill.

  • They stay in bed when we put them to bed.

  • They get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.

  • The only evidence of said bathroom trip, is the stool in front of the potty that Ben trips over every morning.

  • They've mastered "the lip."

  • They put on their own shoes.

  • They pedal a bike.

  • They get invited to more birthday parties than I do.

  • They remember last year's vacation and talk about "da beach" often.

  • I let them play for hours in the backyard - by themselves.

  • They play with bubbles, without spilling the entire bubble container.

  • They wipe my kisses off, because they know it drives me crazy.

  • They carry their own purse.

  • They say embarrassing things to strangers like "Are you pregnant" and "Whats wrong with your hair?"

  • They actually WALK in the grocery store as opposed to riding in the cart.

  • They reprimand me for saying words like "Gosh" or "Stupid."

  • When they get hurt, they cry for "Poppy" because they know it pulls on my heart strings.

  • They are asking for a pet of their very own. (not gunna happen)

  • They can easily grasp a cup with one single hand.

  • They are best buddies and I usually don't even have to convince them of that. *usually

Boy do I love them.


The Blogivers said...

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! Reading your list about your little girls growing up makes me excited to watch our little one grow up - just hoping he decides to make his debut SOON! :)

The Links said...

Awww how fun to see them do all of those things!! I hope I never look at my kids growing up to be a sad thing, but an exciting thing!!!

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