Saturday, April 28, 2012

To the Farm

Yesterday, a few of my friends and I went to the farm.

Oh, and we took our 19 children. 

It was seriously, one of my children's most favorite days ever.

They had nearly 50 free range chickens, just clucking around the property. They had over 40 goats, plenty or pigs, cows, horses, and what seemed like a vast assortment of every farm animal you can possible imagine. They got to hold baby turkeys that had just hatched one week prior....

Ellie Kate was my only "hands-on" child. The other two just clung to whatever human leg was in closest proximity.

This is a look at all the goats - and one llama, which Stone insisted was a camel.

I guess its time to check out some library books on "What actually lives on a farm vs a desert." 

 The pigs were just about as presh as a pig can be.

I mean, they were cute because they were little, but they did still roll around in their own poop.

I also learned that pigs don't really "oink" they squeal.

I guess its time I also checked out some library books on politically correct farm animal sounds.

Stone hung out with his buddies most of the time. I guess there was safety in numbers.

And hands down the most anticipated event of the day were the pony rides. I can't believe each of my kids rode. Peyton has been talking about it every since.

And just for the record, yes, Parker tagged along. Although, he just hung out in mommy's sling the whole time.

What a fun day. I so cherish these moments with my four preschoolers.

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Hunter C said...

It was a wonderful day! Hannah has talked about it every day since then. And she loved getting to share her horse ride with Stone. This may have to be an annual MOPs fieldtrip. Thanks for planning and replanning it!

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