Wednesday, February 16, 2011

To My Valentine...

Here are some of my fondest (and not so fondest) moments of Ben and I over the past 8years.

1. The Great Birthplace

When we first met, I was wearing an Ohio State t-shirt. He immediately began questioning me about my familiarity with the Buckeyes, and I think he was pleasantly surprised to find out that I hadn't just picked up the football tee at some thrift store. Nope, I was a true fan. I flashed my flirtatious smile and said, "But don't tell anyone, I was actually born in Michigan." To which he replied, "SO WAS I!" Boom. Instant connection. We laughed, batted our eyes, and blushed as we sat and chatted for a few more minutes.

Go ahead and flash forward three months. I had pretty much decided that this was the man I was going to marry, and we mutually agreed it was time for me to meet the parentals. While enjoying dinner, I felt the need to make small talk, and simply asked, "So when did you guys move to Oklahoma?"


"Honey, we have lived here all our lives."

"So, when did you guys live in Michigan?"


Light Bulb.

*Insert intimidating glare, fire shooting from my ears, and a suddenly bashful husband, so busy moving his peas around his plate, that he doesn't even look up.

Yep, he lied. But he swears it was just to impress me. Is that kinda like pulling my pigtails on the playground?

2. Peyton's Birth

When Peyton was born, it was my first "all natural" birth, as well as my first birth without my mommy. I warned Ben that I would need his help tremendously and that I need him to be there for me - mind, body, and soul. He never could have anticipated how true those words would be.

During Peyton's birth, I pulled, yanked, and squeezed Ben's neck so hard that he went to see the chiropractor next door while I was still bathing my 15-minute-old baby.

Sorry, babe. Wait, no I'm not. Labor hurt worse. I win.

3. The Fashionista

When Peyton was 9 months old, I had left her and EK in the capable hands of their daddy while I enjoyed a peaceful morning out. When I returned, I found Peyton, wearing newborn clothes. He had found the clothes in a box I had in her room, and I suppose he assumed that this particular box was where I kept her clothes? I don't know. If you just have to see proof, you can read about it here.

4. Daddy's girl

When Ellie Kate was a bitty baby, she screamed, and screamed, and screamed. There were moments that I felt so overwhelmed, I thought I was going to literally go nuts. One particular day, she had been crying all morning long, so I called out - at work - and told you that I thought something was terribly wrong with her. She wouldn't stop crying.

You were immediately on your way.

I took her outside on the front porch and she probably woke up every sleeping animal within a five mile radius. I heard your truck rumbling down the road, and I knew help was on the way. You jumped out, came over to us, took her in your arms, and began doing the same thing I had been doing for the past three hours.

Except she instantly stopped crying. I honestly remember thinking, "OK, well then I'll just go to work and you can stay home with her."

5. Bachelor Gift

After our formal reception, help at a ritzy downtown hotel, we had made plans to stay the night there, and get up and head to the airport in the morning. We had packed a small overnight bag to use that night, and we made the horrific mistake of leaving that bag in the hands of your bachelor groomsmen.

While no one was looking, they put some "lovely parting gifts" into our bag, one of which included a word search puzzle book with the words "Just in case you guys get bored." Classy.

Now that story is fun in and of itself, but the true story is the fact that we actually played most of those games that night, on the plane the next day, and on the sandy beaches of Siesta Key during our honeymoon. I love that we can be so dorky.

6. Red Sox

Valentines has never been a hearts, roses, and flowers kind of a day for us. No, it gets overlooked by the fact that it is the beginning of spring training. The Red Sox are officially reunited in Ft. Myers and my life is officially over for the next 6 months.

7. The earring misunderstanding

We have been dating for just a few short months, when one day you surprised me at my college dorm room. You asked me to come outside, and I could just tell by the look in your eyes that something was different.

We headed to the parking lot, where we stood by your bright orange dodge truck. You asked me to go sit on the bed of your truck. At which point, my sassy self said, "No, I don't wanna."

"Please, Meredith, just go sit back there for a second."

"No, we are just fine right here and I don't want to get dirt on my pants."

"Meredith, for the love, would you please just go sit back there for a second."

"You might as well just stop asking."

Wow, I was a charmer, huh? It was at this time that Ben through a bag at me with a teeny tiny box in it. Whoops. Now, we had only been dating a few months, so I knew it wasn't THE teeny tiny box, but I did know that only expensive things come in teeny tiny boxes. And it was something expensive. It was my first pair of diamond earrings. I am surprised he wasn't digging in his pocket for the receipt and looking for the first opportunity to bale. Nope, for some reason, he stuck around.

8. The Engagement

While visiting my relatives in Ohio, Ben had pre-decided to pop the question. When the fateful day came, He asked if I wanted to go down to Ohio State stadium, because he wanted to look around.

"No. I don't want to go there. You hate Ohio State, why do you want to leave my family all the time? That is so rude. No we are staying here."

"Please, babe, I'd really like to go see the legendary stadium."

"You might as well just stop asking."

Do you see a trend here? It is a pure wonder why he even married me, but it is no wonder that my girls are

He did propose on the 50 yard line of Ohio State stadium, but I didn't mumble and grumble under my breath the entire time. Something for which he has never let me live down. Him, or the other 20 relatives that were standing there "watching."

9. Argentina or bust

After about 6 months of dating, we were in that "I never want to be away from you" stage. It was also at this point that I took a week-long mission trip to Argentina. I tried my very hardest to contact Ben every day, but sometimes, I just didn't have the means.

But that didn't stop you.

Somehow, you managed to track me down, remote hotel and all, and talk with me for 5 minutes. That's when I knew I had you.

10. "Big Brother"

You were the youngest of two boys, and it was God-ordained that you didn't have younger siblings. Because you would have tortured them. Just like you torture my younger brothers and sisters.

For example:

You drive with your blinker on for miles, just to annoy them.

You high jack their towels while they are showering.

You yell embarrassing things to them while on the beach, and in front of all the "hot babes."

You blast your Bass-thumpin music with the windows down, as soon as they see someone they recognize.

You constantly drill them about stuff they've written on facebook.

You like to say you demolish them on the Xbox, just to get a rise out of 'em.

And oh so much more. (Feel free to add to this list, boys!)


Unknown said...

What a sweet valentine! Very cute! Thanks for the fun visit!

octobermomx2 said...

that was TOO cute!

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