Monday, February 21, 2011

My Week - In Review

Monday -

Monday was Valentine's day. Not a super big holiday in our little household. But we try and do a few fun things for the kids to enjoy. Like breakfast!

Tuesday -

Tuesday is "school" day for us. My kiddos and I head to a learning center (run by my fabulous brother), and we spend 4-5 hours learning our letters, numbers, and shapes. When the day is over and all the students have gone home, Uncle Neal takes my kids (and his own red-headed one), and they spend some "quality" time together. This particular day's "quality" time included racing through the halls on the freight cart.

Wednesday -

We visited the zoo with some great friends. They have two little girls, and my girls just adore them. It was also a monumental day in Peyton-history. She touched an animal in the petting zoo. *GASP* and survived.

Thursday -

Ben had been out of town for two days on "business," and he was returning home to us on Thursday night. My kids spent exactly 64 minutes exploring the front yard, waiting, ever so anxiously, for their daddy. And found some sticks along the way.

Friday -

Ellie Kate & Peyton were invited to their sweet friend Kaityn's 4th birthday party. It was a cooking theme and each girl made chef hats, had matching aprons, and decorated cupcakes. Although, I think the highlight out of the party was the serious disaster the girls made in the birthday girls room.

Saturday -

A sweet soul gave Ellie Kate & I tickets to see Disney's Beauty & The Beast at our downtown music/theatre house. It was one of the highlights of her little life, and all she has talked about since.

Sunday -

My best friend and I headed to our town's larger-than-life consignment sale. And I am ashamed to admit that I became "one of those" moms. I followed a helpless girl around, weaving from aisle to aisle, in hopes that she would lay down the one dress peaking from the top of her bag - the one that I desperately wanted. No, no, no. The one dress that I desperately needed! I'm happy to report that she did lay down that dress, I did snatch it up, and I quickly ran for the exit in hopes of saving my sanity.

Our week was full of fun, laughter, and good times. How was yours?

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