Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Turning 1 is so much fun!

Now those of you that know me, or at least those of you who read this blog, know that I enjoy throwing my kiddos an annual birthday party.

However, in recent months, I started to contemplate the silliness in all of that. I mean, who wants all the stress of a making preparations, find the right cake, sending out the cutest invitations, and cleaning up your house - just to be left with a room full of people that would have loved it if it had been at the local McDonald's.

So that was that. I dusted off my hands. Turned a new leaf. And made a conscious choice to just have a simple celebration at home.

Too bad nobody else got the memo.

It all started when people began asking me what I was planning for my baby boy's first birthday.

"Oh, well, it falls on the day after Thanksgiving, and we will be out of town anyway, so I am sure we will just have some cake and ice cream at my parents."


So after much scrutiny, I decided to throw together a little dinner, with a few close friends and family.

Well, 15 presents, one birthday cake, two pots of chili, a dozen cupcakes, and three pies later, we called it a day.

Everyone kept blaming it on this adorable face.

Even when I insisted upon NO PRESENTS from our friends, they all did anyway.

Of course, some of the presents served a dual purpose. They also entertained our guests!

And here is a pic from birthday party #1. This is the crowd of everyone anxiously awaiting Stone to eat his first cupcake.

But he hated it. In fact, I smeared the icing on his face, just to get a decent picture.

He'll thank me someday.

We then traveled to Missouri for Thanksgiving, and had yet another cake.

Of course, he is a little young to blow out his candles, so his cousin and big sister helped with that.

And here is Stone, anxiously awaiting a bite of that yummy looking cake.

I call this the "before picture."

C'mon Stone-y EAT IT, EAT IT! You can almost here them all chanting through the picture, huh?

And this is Stone post-cake. The "after picture."

What can I say, he doesn't like cake. He clearly did not get that from me.

But its ok Stoney Bologna. We love you and all your too cute, loved by everyone, non-cake-eating ways.

I suppose next year, it will be back to the normal Birthday parties. This whole 'not planning one' was too much work.

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