Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Birthday, Little Boy

Oh, sweet baby boy, I miss you so much.

I miss your squishy face and your crinkly nose.

I miss your kissable cheeks and your ability to fit oh, so perfectly in the crook of my side during a Sunday afternoon nap.

I miss the days you would lie on my chest, so still and peaceful, as I thanked God for you with every simple, sweet breath.

I miss the way your big blue eyes would stare up at me as I spent hours counting your toes, smelling your hair, and basking in your newborn-ness.

I miss the stillness. I miss the smallness. I miss the newness.


You are growing, baby boy. You are becoming a toddler and you are becoming your own.

You love to eat vegetables, you play with all things "boy," and you adore your big sisters.

I see in your tiny face, your determination and ability. You have such strong persistence and you love to live loudly. Your energy is great, but your heart is even greater.
Oh, the plans God must have for you, sweet boy.

I still love your chubby cheeks.

I still love to count your fingers and toes.

I still love to let you sleep in the crook of my side.

And I still love your big blue eyes.

But even more than all those things, my precious son, I love being your mommy.

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