Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tiny Little Dancer

This past Spring, I got a flyer for a Christian dance camp here in the area.

I had been seriously mulling over the idea about putting Ellie Kate into dance class, and thought this might be the best low key, low performance, low cost way of determining her likes.

We had tried our hand at gymnastics about a year ago and she just never seemed to really enjoy it. Yes, it could have been the age, but she just isn't much a a dare devil. The thought of jumping off the trampoline into a pit of foam = doom.

So I quickly enrolled her, and I thought I would wait until the last minute to tell her she was going - for fear that she would pre-decide her hatred for it.

So we woke up last Monday morning, and I put her leotard on, and told her that she was going to go to dance camp today. She had no idea what that meant - and that was OK by me (because what she also didn't know was that this was a dance camp at which mommy was no where in sight.)

We left early, to make sure I knew I could find this place, and as we pulled up, we saw a sweet couple from a church we had been attending. Praise Jesus, she would know a little girl in her class. This might not turn out to be disastrous at all.

You see, I was so fearful that she would cling to my leg and never let go.

I thought she would take one look at the door and run back to the van.

I just knew I would walk away with the sounds of my baby screaming my name.

And then I opened the car door, she ran to the studio, and proudly began introducing herself to her class.

And then I started to cry.

Wait a minute, this is not how this was suppose to go.

Needless to say, she loved it. They danced to The Lion King and it was just about the cutest thing I had ever seen in my life.

At her recital on Saturday, she looked like a little princess.

She even kept giving me that, "Seriously, mom?" kid of look. Like I was embarrassing her or something. Too bad kid, this camera will be at every milestone in your life - get use to it.
Peyton even loved watching the dancers and tried mimicking the big girls.

And here is Ellie Kate with her dance teacher, Miss Olivia. She adored her and often plays "dance camp," where she is Miss Olivia and Peyton is the student. Although, I don't think Miss Olivia talked to her little dancers the way Ellie Kate seems to remember. :-)

Daddy couldn't make it to the recital because he had to work, but I got it all on film. Well, sorta.
You know, its really hard to film a recital, try and take pictures, and watch an almost two year old all by yourself. A big thanks to Mimi for keeping baby Stone at home. I'm not sure I would have any images with this post had she not done that for me.

I enrolled these two little munchkins into Miss Olivia's Fall class and they are so excited. They will be dancing together and I have a feeling it will be a hoot.

Can't you just see their personalities in this picture? And doesn't it make you send up a quick prayer for my sanity?

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