Thursday, July 29, 2010

Peyton is 2!

Two years ago today, at this very hour, I was in the final stages of active labor, begging my midwife to just GET YOU OUT ALREADY! But once you finally graced us with your presence, it was all worth it.

It was love at first sight.

During the first few months of your life, you were such a sweet, calm, complacent child that never opposed anything. I often wonder what happened to that relaxed newborn, and where this rambunctious toddler came from.

But I know one thing. I wouldn't change a bit about you.

Today, you are two years old, and we fall more in love with you with each passing day. You are an excellent addition to this family, and God has big things planned for you.

While sometimes you make me want to pull my hair out with your one million questions, your stubborn behavior, and your too-smart-for-your-own-good ways, I love you a million times over.

You love Dora the Explorer, green beans, and being a sister. You refuse to go to bed without all three of your blankets, and you remind me so much of myself. You can recite every Eric Carle book, and could spend countless hours playing in your toy kitchen. You make friends with anyone, but you have been known to bite people for no reason. You constantly ask to go to church, and you "call" Memaw on the phone everyday. You are a big-time snuggler, and full time debater, and always looking to help mommy.
While your strong nature is often a challenge, I pray you will use your abilities to stand firm in your beliefs. Your constant questioning assures me that you will never take any one's word as fact, and always research for yourself. I pray your love for people will bring others to love Jesus.
God has big things in store for you, Peyton Layne. Big things that will change this world and make it a better place. "Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for believers in word, in life, in love, in faith, and in purity." (I Timothy 4:12) Though, small in stature, little girl, you have a big future - chase after it with Jesus right beside you.
Lord, thank you for the gift to this family in Peyton. She is a breath of fresh air and your providence is evident as you gave her to us. Guide her daddy and I as we strive to point her to You and prepare her for the amazing call You have placed on her life. May she be willing, ready, and open to change the world.
I love you, dear little one. You are daddy's princess and my best buddy. I am so proud to be your mommy.


Christy Thompson said...

I love your letters to your kids. They are so priceless. Made me cry. : )

Kristy said...

Look at that dark newborn! How can she be the same baby?

We love you so much Peyton! Your sweet little hugs are the best and your scrunchy-nose smile could light up the world! Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

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