Friday, July 9, 2010

"Why, Peyton?"

Well, Ben and I are stumped.

For the past several months, we have been stumped.

Don't get me wrong - this parenting thing has us stumped A LOT, but usually on the issues of obedience, compliance, and eating-your-green-beans-ness. It is not, however, everyday that we cannot figure out what our children are saying.

While sometimes our children speak gibberish and can often run their words together or make up words on their own, we can surprisingly still interpret.

Often times Mimi will ask, "What did she just say?" and Ben and I can magically make sense out of the mumbling.

Ellie Kate, of course, speaks very clearly and often with wisdom beyond her years (ie. "Mom, can we turn the TV off and just talk?"). Peyon, however, is still managing to bring the slew of words into complete sentences and is still learning how to use words properly. For instance, not too long ago, she repeatedly told me "That was curly!" in reference to a neat trick. Clearly, we need to work on the difference between 'curly' and 'awesome.'

While we often understand Peyton, there are moments in which we don't. However, if worse comes to worse - we bring in the big guns - Ellie Kate. I don't know what it is - but she can understand her sister so clearly. Peyton can be sobbing hysterically and mumbling through the tears and spews out some unrecognizable request, when suddenly I hear from around the corner "Mom, she just wants a snack." Oh, is that what "baaa heis xljfds lwidnz" meant?

"Peyton, you want a snack?" - to which all tears stop, a smile returns, and she quickly nods.

So several months ago, when I was having a conversation with my little twenty month old, she repeated the same word over and over and over again. I asked her to repeat several times. No help. I brought her daddy into the room. No help. I brought Ellie Kate into the room. No help - "Gee, mom, I have no idea."

In the past few months, however, we have learned a few things about this word. She says it whenever asked "why?" She says it with great persistance; she clearly is trying to say something; and she thinks it is hillarious that we have no idea what it means.

So I am enlisting all of you!

Please, help me decipher the inner workings of my child's mind.

Help me meet her request!

Help put this nonsense behind us!


So, whatchya think?


Gretchen said...

Wow, no idea. She sounds like she's saying, "catch it" but of course that makes no sense when asked "why". Could she be saying something like "because"? Or "I can't"? Wow, good luck with this one! I'm sure someday she'll just quit saying it or it will at least be clear! Sorry I couldn't help!

Michelle Butimore said...

possibly a running together of "because I said so"?

Beth said...


Just cause!!

I really have no idea, but think about what she hears when others are asked "Why?"...either way, it is cute!

neal said...

Our best guess is still ketchup! We're sticking to it :)

Pascha said...

too funny! sounds like ketchup to me!
gabe will ask why and then in his own little 'mommy' voice he says just cause... sooo maybe thats it :)

Kristy said...

Cause so! That's my best guess.

When Morgan was 2-3 yrs old every night when she said her prayers she would say, "...and sank you for all da camis (and thank you for all the camis). We did not have ANY clue what a cami was or why she was thanking Jesus for it. Finally, many, many, many, many months later we figured out she was saying "and thank you for all the cares of me" ie: thank you for taking care of me. It was such a mystery for so long and we'll never forget it!

Kristy said...

Just showed this to the kids and they think Peyton is saying ketchup! :)

jessi said...

i'm with neal...i think it's ketchup!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like "can't tell."

Why? Can't tell. She must have a secret because she "can't tell." :)

Gwen Toliver said...

It really does sound like ketchup.... :) My (almost) 3yo points out an "ox cart" every time we go somewhere and none of us can figure out what it is?!

Emma-leigh said...

I think it sounds like "because I said so" in a jumbled up way..

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