Monday, July 5, 2010

Big splash wishes and saltwater dreams

When Ben and I committed to this vacation, it wasn't an easy commitment. We weren't really sure where the money was going to come from, but we sensed that we needed this time away, as a family, to be refreshed and encouraged.

And boy did we need it.

God opened many opportunities and we slowly saved enough many to take this much needed trip.

While Ben and I have visited this exact spot several times in our relationship, we knew this trip would be a little bit different.

Instead of spending our days shopping, visiting the sights, eating every meal out, and taking boat rides - we knew we would be spending most of our time doing this....

And boy did we do it a lot!

We probably spent at least 100 hours in that glorious saltwater pool, and by the end of each day, my kids were pooped.

But they did so good. Our condo was within ten yards of the pool and we would wake up every morning, eat a quick breakfast, throw on our suits, and head out the back door.
It was paradise for a three year old.
This little munchkin was quite the little character. She usually had befriended every.single.person in the pool by the end of each day. They were all sad the day she left.

We tried to make every opportunity a chance to hear our children and learn a little more about their hearts.
We would be fooling ourselves if we thought they hadn't experienced just as much life-change this past year as we have. We often forget to listen, and it was nice to hear their sweet dreams and hopes for our family. (most of which included a pool in OUR backyard someday!)

Ben and I are not big believers in floaties. We want our kids to learn to swim early in life and not be depended on them.
However, we did give them a little independence while swimming on their noodles (or "moodles", as Peyton called them).

Ellie Kate was my little fish. When we first arrived, she was a wee bit tentative, unsure of going under the water and away from the wall. By the end, she was jumping off the side and swimming a good ten feet. We are oh so proud of her. Praying she doesn't forget all her hard work!

All in all, we had a blast. And these little girls are already counting down the days until next summer.

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Hannah said...

I love the pictures! What fun memories ya'll are making as a family. It looks like paradise!

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