Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Cantaloupe Cuties

Last year, it was all about the watermelon. Ellie Kate would eat it by the mounds and beg for more.

This past winter, it was all about the clementines. Many a day, I would find my darling first born sneaking into our refrigerator for a mid-day snack (of which I approved).

Lately, there is a new fad on the block; a new fruit to tickle our fancy; a new healthy obsession, if you will.

Its all about the cantaloupe.

Morning, noon, and night - they eat it by the bowl fulls.

And that is quite alright by me. I may need to come up with a cantaloupe section of our budget, though.

1 comment:

neal said...

Great pics Mere! Cantaloupe (is that not the hardest word to spell?) hasn't caught on at our house, but the strawberries are another story. We even have grown some in our backyard.

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