Thursday, May 14, 2009

Its a Girl!!!

*Seriously, guys, sorry about the delay...*

So last night, I had a dream that I am having another girl. Ben barged into our bedroom, Peyton in tow, and announced that he had just found out I was pregnant with another girl. Why would he know and not me? I don't know, its a dream, remember?

Over the past few weeks, most people have said things to me like, "oh man, I hope its a boy, for Ben's sake;" or "You need to get some testosterone in that house;" and others - but you get the point.

Honestly, though, if you ask Ben, he truly wants another girl. Don't get me wrong, we will take what we get and be ecstatic, but he loves his daughters, and would love another. Frankly, I wouldn't mind it either.

Back to my dream.

So the odd announcement of "Its a girl!" got me thinking about the first time I heard those words. Laying in the middle of that operating room, half out of consciousness, the doctors yells, "Its a girl!" Visions of hair bows, tutus, frilly dresses, and nail polish came to mind. Oh the joys I would have as we brushed each other's hair and had tea parties with our dollys. Baking cookies with matching aprons and getting our nails done at the salon. Oh what fun it will be to have a girl - I thought to myself.

Boy, was I wrong.

Instead, I got...

a power tool using,june bug poking,
boo-boo getting

dirty faced little munchkin...

and I love every bit of her.


JB and Cindy said...

Precious! There for a minute I was thinking you'd gone and gotten a sono w/ out telling me- haha... Then I remembered how pregnant you were ;) Love the pics :)

Beth said...

So cute!!! And, I am so glad to be back online...I have missed my blogging buddies. Thanks for the phone call...I needed a chat with a friend. Hope to see you soon!

Reese Family said...

So cute! Love the power tool pic!

Shan said...

this made me cry for some reason!! I remember when they yelled it was a girl too!! (we didn't find out). The doctor showed her to Drew and said do you see what it is... HE DIDN'T ANSWER!! I was like HELLO I CANNOT SEE WHAT IS IT!!
I get tears in my eyes just thinking about it, AGAIN!! I cried cried cried so hard. Never been so happy in my entire life.
Are you guys finding out!?

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