Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sippy Cup Snob

So way back in my early blogging days, I posted about the savior of all sippy cups? While I am still a big fan of my bright, "spill proof," stainless steel sippy cups, it would seem that someone in our family is not such a big fan. Peyton Lou Who.

How is it possible that two individuals who came from the same womb, originated from the same man and woman be so ghastly different?

Ellie Kate loves her safe sippy. She totes it around, so proud that no one (with the exception of her cousins and good friend Katie), has a sippy cup quite as shnazzy as hers.

Peyton - takes one look at it, and promptly throws it across the floor. Aghast that I would give her something so beneath her.

I think I have discovered the reason. Peyton likes the straw. I mean, she loves them. Every time we go to a restaurant, she looks at my glass of water with its plastic tubed accessory and gets goo-goo eyed. She just wants to drink from a straw!

Now good luck finding a stainless steel straw sippy cup. Let me save you the trouble and tell you it ain't gonna happen. I did, however, find the next best thing.....

Are these not the most adorable sippy cups you have ever seen in your life? They are BPA free and handmade with my children's initials! I mean- TOTALLY CUTE! And the best part of all? Peyton loves them.


Melinda said...

I bought Gracie a safe sippy a few weeks ago at your recommendation. The first week or so was a little rough because she wasn't used to a cup with a valve where she had to suck so hard and it is a little heavy because of the s.s. but now she is doing great with it. Everyone is asking me where I got it but I am a little embarrassed to tell them how much it cost being the thrifty person that I am.

Kristy said...

You found some!! Where? And did you pick up a couple with an "A" initial?? :)

Jess said...

Where did you find these? Too cute! My Lourdyn isn't ready for a sippy yet, but I'm going to have to have these on hand for when she is!

Reese Family said...

so cute! where did you find these? i love anything we can personalize since we are always on the go! and bekah loves straws too!

Bret Plate said...

Hi all,

Saw these posts about The Safe Sippy vs. straw cups discussion and wanted to let you all know that The Safe Sippy2 will be here in a matter of weeks. Not only will it be the same, safe stainless steel as the original Safe Sippy, but it will also be the world's first and only 2-in-1 sippy-to-straw bottle. We will be posting information on our website very soon, www.kid-basix.com so keep an eye out if you are looking for a straw bottle that doubles as a sippy.

Bret Plate
CEO, Kid Basix

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