Thursday, April 23, 2009

Oh the bliss of 10 hours!

Do you remember back in the day, when I posted about what an amazing, easy-going, sleepful child I had?

She slept through the night at three weeks, was a breastfeeding champ, and was content anywhere.

While she still nurses like a pro and is content wherever she scoots herself to, she ceased sleeping through the night at 6 months. I kept telling her, "Baby girl, you can't do this to your mommy. Get me accustom to sleeping 10 hours at night and then BOOM, take it away. Its just not good for mommy's psyche."

She didn't listen.

We tried everything. I would pump and try to to get her to take a bottle AND nurse before she went to bed. We tried new bedtime routines. We bought new blinds for her windows to keep them really dark. And....nothin, notta, zilch.

Until now.

My baby has never liked baby food. I would put a bite in her mouth and she would immediately looks at me with an expression that I swear read, "mom, seriously? Get that disgusting remnant of food out of my face."

So we went to table food. I will admit though, I was lazy about it. I mean, I have two and sometimes three kids at home by myself during the week, and all she really needs is breast milk anyway, right? Well, apparently not.

So this week, I have started consistently feeding her breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Her tummy is oh so full to the brim of only the most delectable foods. And she thanks me for it. Ok, so she doesn't say "Thanks, mom," or give me a pat on the back. Nope, she does one even better - she sleeps through the night.

Ahhh, the bliss.

Here is my baby girl eating scrambled eggs and a banana. Yummy. Eat up, munchkin, there is plenty more where that came from...


Beth said...

Kinley has just started sleeping a full ten hours at night. It is so wonderful. I can totally rejoice with you about this. I just pray that she doesn't regress like Peyton did.

Memaw and Poppy said...

It doesn't seem to get any better! Just wait until their teenagers and you'll be awake all night worrying about them? I'm up at 4:30 am writing this as I am praying about my children and grandchildren this early morn.

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