Monday, April 20, 2009

Haggertons - this one is for you!

As a mom, I pride myself on my granola-esque ways. Trying to feed my kids organic foods as much as possible, limiting their processed food and sugar intake, avoiding mindless television watching, and even cloth diapering. But to the best of my efforts, there is still something standing in the way.

After a very exhausting weekend with little sound sleep, my darling husband came home early so I could enjoy a long, peaceful nap. While I did enjoy a leisurely fulfilling nap, I awoke to the sounds of a gleeing, delightful nine month old.

"awww, that's so sweet" I thought to myself as I pondered my exceptional husband and all his wonderful fathering ways (minus the newborn clothing incident). I can't wait to be with them - I thought to myself.

I slowly made my way out of bed and into the living room, following the sounds of my cooing baby. When I opened the door, I saw just what I had hoped to see - a bouncing baby girl with the full attention of her daddy.

"What have you guys been up to," I asked.

"Oh, nothing, just doing things with daddy."

"That's so sweet - like what?" I replied.

"Well, see for yourself" was his reply.

I knew, right then and there, I was in trouble. What clothes had he dressed her in now. Was her diaper on backwards? Had she been eating dirt? He passed me the camera, and I saw this...

Wondering about the shout-out? That would be to our good friends, JB and Cindy. They are our Whole Foods shopping, midwifery training, detox facilitating, God-fearing, quiverfull undertaking, medical caregivers for our two darling daughters. I am sure they will appreciate this video and its "honesty."

Man, that husband of mind is something special.

Oy with the poodles already.


Beth said...

How adorable!!! Every once in a while, it isn't going to hurt them!!!

JB and Cindy said...

I am ROTFLOL!! Hahahah! Thanks for making me "famous", Ben :) And by the way, I am typing this w/ a cloth diaper, Baby Leg wearing child who is chewing on CELERY sitting on my lap ;) I am sure you and JB and the girls and Harper will have a "push up date", Ben, one of these days :) Love you guys, and contrary to your dietary ways, YOU ARE WONDERFUL PARENTS!

Hannah said...

This is too funny!! Totally made me laugh because this is sooo my husband! I just know when I leave baby with him I am going to come home to who knows what! But like yours I am sure they will be having a blast! Love it!

JB and Cindy said...

I've got to say...I like your taste!! If you're going to throw off her insulin levels, increase her cortisol release from her adrenal glands, irritate the Zona Intima of her small intestines, harm her normal digestive flora, and offer her no nutritional value whatsoever...THAT'S WHAT I WOULD'VE PICKED!!! I loved those things as a kid man! LOL, great video and I am touched at the shout-out. I hope this doesn't start to be a trend though...;)
Peace Out! JB

neal said...

Pey Pey and the Push-Up Pop. That's going to be the title of my first children's book!

Memaw and Poppy said...

Reminds me of the time I sent Dad and baby Neal to Krogers for groceries when he was about 11 months- when he came home, I was concerned because baby Neal had missed his lunch. Pete said, 'No, he didn't, he had his first Happy Meal!" :)

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