Sunday, February 15, 2009

My funny valentine

100 things about my funny valentine.....
(This is a picture of us when we were dating)

1. You lied to me and told me you were born in Michigan, just to impress me.
2. You are the best dad I have ever met.
3. Your jeans are always one size too big
4. Your toes are weird looking
5. You wish you could play an instrument
6. You always try to “doctor up” everything you make in the kitchen
7. You feel manly when you use the grill
8. You would dunk everything in gravy if I would let you
9. You secretly love MY pillow
10. You love the weirdest reality shows
11. You secretly love watching the Bachelor with me
12. You drive over the speed limit – all the time.
13. You want to be a contestant on “Game Show in my Head”
14. You love your extended family more than anyone I have ever met
15. You almost passed out during my labor – I know it!
16. You love to be a handyman (but you secretly call your dad)
17. You are very loyal
18. You are growing out that beard, just to drive my mom crazy!
19. You threw up watermelon once and thought it was blood.
20. You say funny things when you are around people you are trying to impress.
21. You would never buy new socks, if I didn’t buy them for you.
22. You have told me about the scar above your eye 50 times, because I always forget
23. You have a freckle on your hand in the same place I do
24. You have no birth mark.
25. Basketball is your favorite exercise
26. You like to show people your growing stomach
27. You are very particular about your kind of deodorant
28. You never wash your hair because BJ told you not to
29. You watch Sports Center at least 10 times a day
30. You have more shoes than I do
31. You never miss an Oklahoma State Cowboy football game
32. Your favorite chick-flick is Fever Pitch
33. You get your haircut by a man that charges $100 a cut
34. You get your haircuts for free, but you like to tell people he charges $100 a cut.
35. You hate green bean casserole.
36. You made me cry when you wouldn’t take a bite of my tuna noodle casserole.
37. You hate the Cha-Cha slide
38. When you preach, you often chase bunny trails
39. You got hit on by a 70 year old woman once
40. You smell so good when you wear Tommy Bahama
41. You HATE to be bitten or even to hear the word “bite”
42. You are not ticklish – ANYWHERE!
43. You wear a mask when you mow the lawn
44. You love all things Dr. Drew
45. You love to make fun of the Dallas Cowboys and Dallas Cowboy fans
46. Someone actually thought you were Johnny Depp when you dressed up like Jack Sparrow for Halloween.
47. It drives you crazy when kid’s parents don’t pick up their child on time.
48. You love to befriend homeless people.
49. You hate tomatoes and onions – and mushrooms, green peppers, tuna,……..
50. You hate to read – except Sports Illustrated and ESPN magazine
51. You secretly love my blog.
52. You have never yelled at me
53. You use to bring me taquitos wrapped in a paper towel when we were in college – and poor.
54. You pants have to be hung on a wooden hanger
55. You love the Boston Red Sox
56. You hate Gilmore Girls, but watch it, just to be with me
57. You record Wheel of Fortune
58. When eating out, you always order something different
59. You were the first to bring capris for men into style – “manpris”
60. You tricked me into telling you I loved you the first time ;-)
61. You would give your family the world
62. You like it better when my hair is long
63. You get so mad when you drop your Oreos in your milk
64. I have only seen you cry three times
65. Growing up, you had one suit – and it was purple
66. When I send you to the grocery store to pick something up, you always come back with ten more things than what I sent you for

67. When you pick out clothes for the girls, you pick out the funniest things!
68. You love to set things on fire
69. On our first date, you asked me if I believed in spanking.
70. You HATE to get Toilet papered.
71. One of your biggest regrets in life is selling your brown cutlass supreme.
72. You have more friends than I do.
73. It drives you crazy when I cut Ellie Kate’s hair
74. You want 12 kids – or more
75. You have never broken a bone
76. You laughed at me when I said I wanted an IPOD, and now you have two.
77. You love to surprise me
78. When you were a kid, you hated spending the night away from your parents
79. You never eat breakfast
80. Everywhere you go- you know someone
81. You had a girlfriend before most kids can say “girlfriend”
82. You always look for an excuse to visit family
83. You buried your flip flop in the sand at Siesta Key to leave a part of yourself on the beach.
84. Your eyes change colors
85. The only room in the house that HAS to be clean, is our bathroom.
86. You watch the Backyardigans and love it.
87. You were in a boy band in high school – called 4Real
88. After realizing you couldn’t sing, they made you lip sing, and they called you the “pretty one”
89. You wore a white tux to prom.
90. You didn’t tell my dad about your tattoo for two years
91. Your want a boxer – and the minute we have a big enough yard, you are getting one.
92. You hate sweets – except oreos
93. You took me to see John Mayer – even though you hate him
94. You are a great gift giver
95. You have no enemies
96. You picked out the name “Peyton”
97. Picking up seashells is your favorite thing to do in Florida
98. You are an impulse buyer
99. You wear your jeans until they get holes in them
And finally……..You are my favorite person in the whole wide world.

I Love You, My Valentine

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Kent & Kayla said...

This was cute. :)

Yes we are at SW right now. He was a youth minister for the first 2 years after we graduated, and then in August we moved here for him to do his M-Div full time. Is your hubby doing seminary too?

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