Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day + Two kids

Valentine’s Day + Two Kids ≠

1. An Expensive dinner that costs more than a year of college tuition
2. A Romantic movie fully equipped with popcorn, gummy bears, and a soda- which when added together equals our entire grocery budget.
3. A romantic slow dance, unless you count ring around the rosey
4. A hot air balloon ride that would make both of us probably throw up
5. Breakfast in bed, because who wants to eat breakfast at 5a.m. when Peyton wakes up?
6. A romantic getaway – we are saving up for Disney
7. A trip to the Dallas arboretum because they don’t allow stroller
8. Original song and serenade, although Ellie Kate did giver her best rendition of Old MacDonald
9. A helicopter ride, because haven’t finished writing our will yet (you know, just in case)
10. A home cooked, candlelit dinner, because we don’t play with matches

Valentine's Day + Two Kids =

A latenight Chick-fil-A milkshake and a movie in bed.


Kent & Kayla said...

Yeah, that would be fun! So where is your hubby a minister at?

Kent & Kayla said...

Ok, just wanted to let you know that I deleted the 2 comments you made on my page, just cause I'm paranoid about people knowing personal info about me, like where i live and such. You never know who's looking at this! :) I know, I'm such a dork. So it's nothing against you! Just wanted you to know that in case you saw that they weren't there anymore, but I do love comments!! :)

p.s. I just realized the above question is personal too, you don't have to answer that if you don't want to. Do you have facebook? I'll look you up on there. :)

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