Friday, February 13, 2009

Diaper Bag Obsession

Ok, so before I was pregnant, I was obsessed with purses. I blame it on my mom, really. I mean, I remember getting a purse every year for my birthday since I was six. Of course, as I got older, the purses got more expensive and more specific to my taste. Needless to say, when Ben and I got married and moved into our teeny-tiny 800 square foot apartment, we had to devote an entire section of the closet to my purse collection. Ben allowed it, probably because his hat collection was just as large.

So anyway, when I found out I was pregnant with Ellie Kate, I knew I had to have the fanciest diaper bag ever. Ben and I agreed we would get a gender neutral one so that we could use it for future children. Then....we found out she was a girl, and we, well maybe just I, went nuts. I spent $95 on my first diaper bag. It was pink, brown, and totally impractical. But who cares? It was awesome. And it was worth every penny. I loved it and got stopped many times and told how adorable it was.

I wish I could say that was the end of the story, and that I still use the same smashing diaper bag for Peyton. But no. Now, I have this...

You can play I Spy if you want and try to count them all, but I will go ahead and save you the trouble - there are 12. I couldn't even fit all of them in the picture, so some of them are stuffed inside others, just make their appearance by peeking out the top.

My purse obsession turned into a diaper bag obsession. To my defense, they all have separate functions. The big striped on on the left is when both girls are going both places. Its a Fluerville bag and holds everything but the kitchen sink, so it works great for trips with both girls. The white and pink bag to the right of it are for church, when the girls are going to the same place, but go to different classes. They look the same, just different colors. The two black and white polka dot bags are for late night babysitter stays or one night trips to grandmas. Both are equipped with a place for a paci, pajamas, and any overnight items. I could tell you what all twelve of their uses are, but you get the point.

So I would just like to take this moment to thank my mom for passing on her obsession of all things over the shoulder. You'll be getting a bill in the mail soon for passing on what Ben calls, "A genetic obsession." Love you mom!

P.S. Morgan and Mason, Ellie Kate misses you so much, we talk about you everyday. I wanted to include this video of her saying hi to you! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks! -
Aunt Meredith


Kristy said...

Oh my! So cute and pitiful!! Tell her Morgan and Mason miss her too and are so excited for her birthday party! We love you, Ellie Kate!!

Kent & Kayla said...

hey meredith! i don't know if you know who i am, but i went to obu, and i think we took the same j-term nat. sci. class. anyway, i also have a purse obsession, so i completely understand! i would say i have at least 20-30 purses, and that's after i got rid of the ones i no longer use! whenever i have a baby, i'm sure i'll have a new obsession with diaper bags. thanks for making me feel a little more normal! :)

Shara said...

Oh my goodness - that's hilarious! Glad to see each one serves a specific purpose, lol! :)

The Merrell's said...

Thats hilarious!!! You have no idea how many arguments johnny and i have had because i need a new diaper bag! i love them! im always looking for a new one and they are always the expensive ones (every holiday i ask for a coach or juicy or something like that lol but those will never happen) but anyways im still looking for that"perfect" bag! So glad someone shares the same passion for them!

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