Monday, December 29, 2008

Our Christmas vacation, a preview

We had such a great time with family and friends in Oklahoma this holiday season. I found myself continually thinking, "oh man, i have to blog about that..." So in the next few weeks, I hope to blog about all our fun times and adventures over Christmas. For now, I thought I would leave you with this darling new picture of our girls (above). Arent they precious???

My sweet sister-in-law made these sweet outfits for EK and Peyton. She did a fabulous job and does a fabulous job with all the things she makes. These outfits had detail on the front shirt and on the cuffs of the sleeve. The pants are even cuter and it is a shame you can't see them in the picture. They are the same fabric as the detailing on the front, and they had skirt-like bottoms. So darling. Even though I didnt tell her I was going to do this, I am going to let you in on a little secret. Her blog is and you can easily talk her into making some for you and your little princesses. She wont be rediculously priced like all those specialty shops out there (would you believe I paid 80 bucks for an outfit like this last year for Christmas!!!! 80 bucks!!!). So for all you moms of daughters out there, go to her blog and tell her I sent ya, she will surely be nice to you then, hehe.

Ben and I love this picture so much it is going to be our New Years Greeting picture (we are too lazy to send out Christmas greeting cards this year). Can't wait!


Melinda said...

That is definitely a great pic.! They have really different features, other than their noses. I think Peyton looks like you. I will have to check out her site...I can't believe she made those!

Kristy said...

Aww, thanks Mere! I'm just glad you liked the outfits and that the girls looked so darn cute in them! :)

Beth said...

Hey Meredith!!! I found your blog this morning through the Anderson Zoo...and I am so glad I did. I spent the last 30+ minutes reading the entire site, and I miss you so much! My final thought though, was that if anything ever happens to Nathan and I, my children will be well taken care of. And, you will be going absolutely crazy! Hopefully, it doesn't come to that.

Love you and talk to you soon!

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