Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas cookies

On of the great things about having a "girly" girl is her strong inner sense for domesticity - aka, my kid loves to bake! I took this notion and decided to let her bake Christmas cookies for her and Peyton's Sunday school teachers. We had such a great time. She doesn't quite grasp the whole Christmas idea yet (which is fine with me), but she sure loved making tree, sock, and bear cookies - Christmas trees, stockings, and gingerbread men. Here are a few pics of our grand time together.
I wish you could see her face. She was so proud of herself.

I know she shouldn't be sitting on the counter, but sometimes you have to break the rules to make some memories.
I gave her some dough to play with while I rolled and flattened the rest. By the time I looked up at her, it was all gone, with just a tiny remnant left on her fingers.

The finished project. I let her put the sprinkles and candy on as decorations. She did surprisingly well.

Notice the fingerprint in this one :-)
Her teachers loved it. Being a type A personality, I had to force myself to let her create them, even if they didn't look perfect. They really did look like a two year old made them, and I think that is what her teachers appreciated most about it. She was so proud to take her little bag up to each of her teachers as she said, "may kissmus."

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Melinda said...

She looks so cute and so into the baking! I don't know how you even find the time to do fun stuff with two little ones, I'm still figuring it out with one!

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