Sunday, November 30, 2008


So I ramble on and on about how wonderful these sippy cups are, and then I don't tell you anything about them. I tell you, since having two kids, my brain is no where to be found.

So they are called "The Safe Sippy." THe bad news is they are kinda pricey - $17, but they are worth every penny. I found them in the DFW area at Lone Star Baby and Kids. If you don't live in this area, you can buy them on, or you can buy them from Lone Star on-line at They are a few dollars cheaper at the lone star site, but I havent priced shipping. Of course, you can get them on ebay as well, but the price is the same. They only come in three colors - pink, green, and blue. I hope that helps, and again, sorry for the brain fart. Hope you all enjoy your new sippy cups; I am sure you kids will too!

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