Saturday, March 10, 2012

Parker Reid

So I had a baby.....

Six weeks ago to be exact.

We named him Parker Reid, and he is the world's most wonderful 4th born child.

I usually like to post my birth story shortly after the birth - and six weeks still counts as "shortly after" - right?

Cmon, give me a break, I am sleep deprived!

Much like the previous births, I had start and stop labor for several days. Ben's mom had come to visit us on a Thursday (with plans to leave on Sunday), and despite my best efforts, I felt a little bit of anxiety to have this baby while she was here. Of course, that probably only worsened matters and therefore caused overwhelming anxiety, thus false labor.

When she left Sunday afternoon, lo and behold, contractions begin.

I was up all night with back pain and contractions, but never had a very consistent ones. There were times they would be right on the top of each other and then I wouldn't have another one for an hour. It did allow me to get some rest, but I was so confused as to whether or not I should go in.

After nearly 12 hours of this, I finally called me midwife, just for some advice. She told me to prop a pillow under me to re-position the baby's head. I did that for 15 minutes, took the pillow, out and BOOM, had the most intense contraction I've ever had.

But once again, contractions were never horribly consistent. Around 5 am on Monday morning, I began to get nervous as I hadn't felt him move in almost 45 minutes. Ben and I decided to call our on-call babysitter (Thanks Michelle!) and head on in.

When we got to triage, I halfway expected them to send me home, but at least I would know my progress.

My midwife checked me and I was a 6. I was shocked.

She told me we should give it an hour in triage and see if I made any progress. In the hour, I had four contractions. 4!!! That's it! By this time I was so exhausted, and I was having serious discussions with Ben about getting an epidural.

When the new midwife came to check me, I was a 7. They said that was progress enough and they gave me a delivery room - at around 7am.

After getting settled in, I immediately demanded to get in the water. The nurse said I couldn't because I was a v-bac. UMMMM!!!! That is not what I discussed in my birth plan with my midwife. We got it straightened out (and when I say straightened out, I mean my midwife went and ripped the only monitor with the capability to go in the water, off of a laboring mom! Did I mention there were 21 other moms in labor with me that night! Yikes!)

I got in the water and immediately fell asleep. I would wake up with a contraction here and there until finally my midwife thought I "looked" like I was getting close. I was a 9.

At this point, I had a discussion with my midwife and nurse, warning them that I get a tad hysterical when I am pushing. They simply smiled and said, "Oh, you are laboring beautifully. I bet you just THINK you get hysterical."

Ben decided to group me message my family. At which time they took bets on when I would deliver. The earliest ETA was noon. Apparently my family hates me. I'm glad Ben kept that info to himself until AFTER I delivered.

I suddenly felt like I had to go to the bathroom. I got out of the tub, sat down, and realized that I indeed did NOT have to go to the bathroom. They rushed me to the bed and 6 minutes of pushing later, I was holding my sweet baby.

After it was all said and done, I asked my midwife, "well?" To which she replied, "Yeah, that was pretty hysterical."

I recall saying things like, "Just pull him out!!!" and "I don't want to be pregnant anymore!!!!"

Of course, it was completely worth it - hold my handsome 7lb 10oz baby in my arms. He had a head full of hair (mostly on the back) and cried right away.

When Ben announced it was a boy, I was so relieved and excited. Excited for Stone and hoping they would have a relationship like his sisters do.

Ben and I are quadrup-ly blessed.


Hunter C said...

Its a great story! Especially the part about pushing for 6 whole minutes. And saying "I don't want to be pregnant anymore"!! Wish granted! 6 minutes later, not pregnant. He's a beautiful baby!

Laura said...

Wow. Pretty cool story and one cute baby! Stopping by from Kelly's. Nice to 'meet' you.

Laura said...

Oh, and forgot to mention, my husband and I do college ministry in Denver. :)

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