Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Moment in Time

There are few moments in my life that I will cherish more than this one...

It was like watching a young child open a long-awaited, joyfully longed for Christmas present.

My three big kids had so prayerfully prayed over my belly for 9 long months. They had sung songs to the baby, given him kisses, and even tried to feed him goldfish crackers through my belly button.

They had been asking for months when the baby would come out of mommy's tummy, and after 42 weeks of pregnancy, they were tired of asking (and I was tired of telling!)

Ben and I kept assuring them that God had perfectly planned the time when their new sibling would join our ranks and that we must be patient and let God do the planning.

And when they woke up on January 23rd and finally heard the news that mommy was having the baby, they could think of nothing else, for they knew the time had come to finally meet their new best friend.

As I lay in that uncomfortable hospital bed, holding my sweet new baby, I began to smile as I could hear them coming down the hall.

"I'm so excited! I'm so excited!" You could literally hear the smiles that were plastered on their faces.

The door knob began to turn and my heart began to swell, anticipating this long awaited meeting.

Peyton was the first one to enter. It was silent for a few seconds as they scanned the room for what they were hoping to see.

Peyton caught a glimpse of a bundeled baby and immediately asked, "Is it real?"

The moments that unfolded after are ones that are forever etched in my brain. They loved him the minute they laid eyes on him.

Their hopes for a girl were completely forgotten as they made plans of dressing him up in tu-tus regardless of his gender.

God gave my children a gift in eachother - a built in best friend for life. Watching them meeting their newest best friend is a moment I hope to never forget.

But just in case I do, someone thought to capture it all on video.

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Trista said...

Awww!!! I can't wait to see Parker in a tutu!! ;) Too precious <3

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