Friday, November 4, 2011

Welcome back!

So, its been a while, huh?

Like 6 months a while.

I would say "whoops," but that would imply some sort of regret. And regret it I do not.

Sometimes when we undergo some of the most significant life changes, its important to do it with some sense of intimacy. My little family underwent some enormous ups and down over the past three years, and honestly, I wanted to take these past six months to heal, grow as a family, and just enjoy life with our new set of circumstances.

And enjoy it we have. We really couldn't be happier in life right now, and I am so forever indebted to so many of you for your constant prayer and support. This blog was more than therapeutic for me, and I am so glad I have it to remind me of where I was and who I have become.

But with a 6 month absence, a lot has occurred.

We took an awesome beach vacation, as one last hoop-lah before we embarked on our big move. It was a glorious two weeks filled with sun, family, and lasting memories.
We also took our vacation as the opportune time to announce to all our family and friends the future arrival of another Ramsey.

We found a house - Praise the Lord - and it has already been the foundation of our new journey. It has hosted birthday parties, play dates, and many a youth function. It may not hold our growing family for long, but for now - its a perfect fit.

We started our work in full-time youth ministry again, and we are so glad we didn't abandon God's calling. He is working and teaching us new things everyday and we are so blessed to be called.

We have fallen in love with this little peanut, to which we have decided to be surprised of the gender, and therefore, give our families severe anxiety. You know, it was all a part of our masterful plan. *insert evil laugh here*

We even survived our first snow storm. It really wasn't so bad - except it makes me want to bake goodies and put up the Christmas tree.

Can't wait to get back in the swing or keeping everyone up-to-date on the Ramsey happenings.

Thanks for the continued e-mails I received from so many of you - wondering if we had fallen off the face of the planet. Sorry about that. I blame the altitude.

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That's it for now, but until next time...its so good to be back.


The Links said...

Thanks for being non-apologetic for being absent from your blog. One of my biggest blogger pet peeves is when people apologize for not blogging. It's your what you need to apologize. Glad you back!! I can't wait to find out what baby #4 is. Your family is SO beauitful!!!

Kathy said...

So nice to see you and hear all is well and even exciting!! What a great house! Enjoy your lovely and growing family!

Jo said...

yes! pumped you're back.

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