Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Some called it Snowpocalypse.

Others called it Snowmageddon.

But when you survive 13 inches of snow with three children under the age of three - I call it Snow-a-palooza.

Typical Oklahoma. Just Saturday, the kids and I spent a glorious day at the park and even picnic-ed under a shade tree because the kids were getting a little sunburned.

And this morning, we awoke to 5' snow drifts enclosing us into our humble abode.

We managed though. With homemade muffins, Toy Story 3 and reeeeally long bath times.

Ben spent most of the day shoveling.

Although I have no idea why. I kept telling him, "Honey, there's 14" of snow on the ground, we aren't going anywhere for quite some time." To which he replied, "Well, what else is a guy to do on a snow day?"

Men. I don't get 'em.

We did spend some time playing out there though. It wasn't exactly snowman, snowball, or snow fort kind of snow, but we had fun just frolicking in the whiteness.

Stone took a face plant right into the snow only seconds before this pic. It was at this moment that he decided he's a warm weather kind of fella.

So he mozied his way back into the garage where there were space heaters and toys.

Ben and Ellie Kate attempted some sledding. But they ended up just sinking and watching the rest of us laugh at their attempt.

After our time indoors, we came in and made snow ice cream.

Here's my favorite recipe for all of you snow victims out there.

Snow Ice Cream:
1 gallon of snow
1/3 cup of white sugar
1/3 cup of powdered sugar
7 ounces of evaporated milk
2 tsp vanilla

I usually stick all mine in the blender for easy mixage.

I know most of you give your family hot chocolate after a cold winter's play, but my kids just don't roll with the warm beverage variety, so this was the next best festive thing. And the kids really enjoyed it.

Ahem. As did I.

Man, there is nothing like getting shut in your house to make you want to eat 9,000 calories.

Here's hopin' that I can fit into my jeans tomorrow!

Happy Snow Day!

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jessica said...

loving the yellow jacket! we wanted to make snow ice cream...but i guess i'm a horrible cook because i don't have condensed milk on hand! :)

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