Monday, January 31, 2011

The Great Christmas Surprise

As I was flipping through my camera just the other day, I realized that I neglected to share with all of you our BIG Christmas toy surprise!

I have waited for years for this moment. This was the first year that Ben and I had perfectly picked out the top-notch present that we knew our girls would flip for. I dreamt about what their faces might look like. I flashed back to my childhood memories and the amazing surprises that awaited me on Christmas morning. I could barely go to sleep the night before, I was so excited!

Now, being the professional parents that we are, we ordered it much in advance, to accommodate the needs for shipping, and just-in-case-we-hate-it-ness.

It arrived, in the box, and we loved it. It sat in our garage for about month, until one fateful Monday night. Except not just any Monday night - THE Monday night - you know, the last Monday night before Christmas.

And it occurred to me that maybe we ought to put it together - just to make sure it worked. So here is my tool-efficient husband, hard at work...

He got it, oh, I don't know, 95% put together, and I realized - IT WAS THE WRONG ONE!

Sure, it was black, and yes, it was sort-of the same car, but it was the EXACT picture I had seen on line. It was missing the ginormous orange boom box speakers on the back.

I quickly rushed to the computer to find out what had happened. Much to my surprise, Wal-mart (our purchaser of choice because it was $10 cheaper) carried the older version, but Toys'R'Us (those tricky little devils) sold the fancy shamcy hybrid ones.

Enter devastation.

Oh, I told Ben that it was fine. We could just keep the one he had spent the past 3 hours building, but he must have sensed the disappointment in my voice, because the next morning, it was back in the box and in the back of the pick-up.

One crazy mama on a mission, two packed out toy stores, three "We just sold out"'s, and a word with the manager later, we were back to the grind.

Only this time, it was just as I had imagined it.

And my girls were over the moon about it. They followed a string we had attached to the bottom of the Christmas tree, and made their way outside where the beautiful Cadillac Escalade awaited them.

Although I never anticipated that this little guy would be so amused by it. Should'a sprung for the three seater.

Typical man. Can't give over control of the steering wheel. Get use to it girls.

Oh, the hours and miles we have already put on this thing, and we've done it all in 50 degree weather and below.

Oh, and just for the record, yes, I am glad we have our orange boom box speakers - except turns out, you need 2 C batteries for them to work. And those are still on my shopping list.

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