Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Victory Lap

So think REEEEAL far back into your registry, and you'll hopefully recall when I blogged about beginning a new workout to help rid myself of extra baby weight.

It was the workout craze taking the blogg-o world by storm - The couch to 5K.

If you remember correctly, I am an avid non-runner. I use to tell people that I was allergic to running - the mere mention of it's name made me break out into hives.

However, I wanted to test it out and see how it fared. And I must say - I have found a new love.

Whoa, slow down there cowboy, did I just say "love?"

What I meant to say was, I tolerate it because of three reasons:

1. The scale shows that it is working because I have lost 18 pounds since I started.

2. It gets me out of the house to think and get some "me" time.

3. My body appreciates the endorphins - my closets appreciate them too.

When I began the workout, I set my sights on a 5K and sought to obtain that goal and really wanted to prove it to myself.

So I pulled myself together and fought the good fight. The good fight - also known as - "not pushing the snooze button." And I completed all nine weeks of the workout and ran a 5K last Saturday.

Here I am, getting out of the car, ready to go!!

Yes, it was VERY HOT! The race began at 8:00 p.m., and if you are anything like me, you might imagine there being no sun and just a light cool breeze. Let me go ahead and tell you that you are wrong. It was a scorcher!

I did have this hunk running with me though...
I even got to catch up with some girlfriends....
This picture annoys me for several reasons. The first being that I am about the size of the two of them put together. The second being that it makes me want to go buy cute little workout clothes.
Is that even what they are called? Workout clothes?
As if you couldn't tell by their crazy in-shape bodies, they are seasoned runners, and they finished at the front of the race, unlike Ben and I, who finished somewhere in the middle.
Which in my book is a victory. I mean, THERE WERE PEOPLE BEHIND US!
They were both so sweet though and stood near the finish line waiting for us and screaming and hollering.
I have never felt more loved...

And I wanted a good "before" and "after" picture, so here is the before. However, it kind of looks like the after because my face is so red.
It was flippin' HOT, people!

And here is the after shot. I look like a Hot Tamale. You know, like the candy...

Wondering what my time was? Well, keep wondering, because that isn't what's important, right? It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you run the race. Oh, and don't forget, there were plenty of people that finished AFTER us. I changed my mind, that is what is important.
Joking aside, we had a blast. We did great and didn't walk once, although it wasn't easy.
We definitely want to run more. We are planning on running the 5K on the beach next Tuesday, and we can't wait.
I hope my kiddos can read about this someday and be proud of their mama.


Christy said...

WOO HOOO!!!!!! I'm SO proud of you! You look AMAZING! : D

jessi said...

yeah! congratulations! i can't believe you get to spend two weeks in florida! you guys are going to have so much fun! ross is working everyday for the rest of this week and i know you have another race on saturday and then leave tuesday...maybe we can get together when you guys get home from vacation! see you soon!

Gretchen said...

First of all, CONGRATS!! That is so awesome!! I have my sights set on doing a 5K too but haven't gotten to it yet. I have run 2 miles on the treadmill a few times but I haven't pushed myself beyond that yet. You have totally motivated me! Second, you look great and are so beautiful! So stop that negative talk. :)

Lindsey Claire said...

Congratulations, and you look great! I've grown to love running lately too, for the same reasons. :) Getting started really is the hardest part. I'm impressed that you ran outside in this summer heat -- I'm all about the treadmill nowadays. Anyway, congrats, and have fun at the beach!

Hannah said...

Way to go!! I'm behind you and hope to have the same success with running you have! Keep up the good work!

Jo said...

You look great, Meredith! Way to go.

jandswood said...

GO Meredith GO!!! I know you are PROUD!! :D I agree with everyone you look awesome!

Gwen T said...

You look great, Meredith! Congrats and keep up the good work. It's such a good feeling to be losing! (7 babies in 11 years means I'm always trying to lose ##) :)


Rachel Shingleton @Pencil Shavings said...

WOO HOO! Good for you! I'm starting week 5 of the Couch to 5K and like you, I was an avid not-runner. But I'm amazed at how much I'm enjoying it. I've got my sights set on the Midnight Streak in August (no it's not actually in the nude) and workin' my way there.

And I would like to say that you are not the only one who gets all red in the face -- I'm not out there 5 seconds before I'm like a beet!

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