Friday, March 12, 2010

Quest to 5K

So, that's it, I'm doin it. I am jumping on the bandwagon. It is time to get in shape.

I consider myself a pretty healthy person (with the exception of a few potato chips here and there), but in lieu of bathing suit season approaching and the impending vacation in 96 days, its time to kick it up a notch.

I joined the gym for a month and really enjoyed it. I took spin class three nights a week, did water aerobics, and put a few miles on the old elliptical. But in the end, having to drive 15 minutes to attend a 45 minute class, then turn around and drive home, had me away from my family for a good hour and a half, and frankly, I hated that. Not to mention the hefty gym fee. They must charge so much so that you can't afford to buy food, therefore increasing your weight loss.

I then purchased an A-mazing workout video, thanks to the recommendation of my buddy Melissa. It's a Tracy Anderson video for postpartum women. Her tag line is that she can make the skin come back to the muscle, and of course, any post pregnancy mom is all too familiar with that little extra something hanging on the tummy area. I love the video, but it requires a cardio workout as well.

Should I buy an elliptical? Should I try the gym again? Join a Zumba class (offered at the local library - WHAT!?)? Let's check the blog-o-sphere, and see what they are all up to.

My IRL blog friend, Megan, has been participating in the Couch to 5K that seems to be taking the blogging world by storm. Of course, she posted that her skinny jeans have actually gotten tighter since she started her quest. But let me add, that she has zero body fat to lose, which is evident in the fact that she OWNS SKINNY JEANS! Boo to all of you who own skinny jeans.

Anywho, so I got on the trusty IPhone and downloaded the couch to 5K workout. I even got online last night and found a 5K race on May 2 that I plan on participating in.

Ahem. I am sorry, I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

Did I really just say I was going to run a 5K? I must be sleep deprived.

Well, I started the quest yesterday and did pretty good. I even found the IPhone Couch to 5K computer automated voice to be somewhat motivating.

SO I thought I would share my journey with all of you. Mostly because I figure if I put it out into cyber space, I'll be somewhat responsible to fulfill the obligation. Not that anyone of you are going to be unfollowing me for not finishing my goal, but maybe you could all lie and say that you will to further intimidate me into getting my butt off the couch and get to pounding the pavement!

There is a silver lining to all of this though, I need to go shopping for some new running shoes...


Mae Burke said...

GO YOU! I love the motivation that we all give each other. I'm very excited to watch your progress!
One day, we too will own skinny day. [And let us pray that us wearing skinny jeans does not start the vicious cycle of getting pregnant, gaining baby weight...blah, blah, blah all over again ;]

Mommypotamus said...

I am buying the "30 Day Shred" that Hannah is doing. I want to work out and have a healthy pregnancy, but time is so precious these days. I figure I can squeeze in 20 minutes, though! Looking forward to updates on how it is going for you. Yay for moms setting a good example for their children!

Beth said...

Good for you!!! I haven't worked out since our gym membership, but I am starting again this next week. What with is still to be determined, but I am starting...tonight is the treadmill...the dreaded treadmill. :) Miss you friend!

Jo said...

running, huh? atta girl! i'm planning the same thing as soon as it warms up here. there's a marathon in september here, you should come visit and run it! :)

Megan said...

Hahaha!! I'm laughing about what you said about me. It honestly made me gain weight. But I think it toned me up which is nice. I can't wait to do the 5K with you!!

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