Sunday, March 7, 2010

What are good friends for???

What else are good friends for than to remind you of all your quirkiness.

Well, my friends have plenty of quirks. Case in point...

The other day, I was helping a dear friend of mind clean out her garage. We were sifting through items, deciding what to sell, what to donate, and what had too much sentimental value and therefore would return to its box in the garage.

After a few hours of treasure hunting, we came across a true beaut.

This wasn't just any find, this was her prom dress.

I know what you are thinking. Big deal? Its her prom dress. We all have bad formals stashed away in our garage. See, that is where you are wrong. We may all have a dress that could have done without those ten thousand sequins. Or maybe you even have a dress that is some sort of shade of baby poop. And it may even be the fabric of your grandma's couch. But I guarantee you, it is better than THIS prom dress.

I will try to recreate the scene as best as I remember it.

"Oh hey, Meredith, here is my prom dress, you are going to love this. See, isn't it pretty?" "Why yes, that is very pretty. I bet you danced the night away in that..."


*this is the moment that my mouth dropped to the floor and I picked it up only so that I could breathe in between giant gasps of laughter*
Holy Moly, your prom dress was a *drant* (a mixture of dress and pant - a true travesty of the late 90's)
And you want to know the saddest part? She actually tried to convince me that she was the coolest thing at her Senior prom. Poor thing. She is seriously delusional. She must have missed the pimpled teenagers laughing and pointing in the corner.
By the way, your welcome, Melissa, for putting these pictures out in cyber space for your grandchildren to enjoy. Love you bestie!

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JB and Cindy said...

Way to never get invited to help clean out another garage in your life... Haha, JB and I laughed SO hard over this- sorry, Melissa! Plus, when I saw the first pic, I thought, "Why is Mer making fun? That dress isn't bad at all!" Then, hello pic #2. Thanks for a good laugh :)

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