Friday, April 2, 2010


Remember when I blogged here about Peyton and her horrible teething episode?

And when I say horrible, I mean Horr-I-ble!!!!

I can remember laying in bed with her, skin to skin, trying to get her fever to come down naturally. She would cry and cry until she finally fell asleep, and then minutes later she would be crying and crying again.

As a matter of fact, World War III almost broke out when I finally got her to sleep, and Ben decided to mow the backyard - literally right on the other side of our bedroom. Scared the daylights out of poor Peyton and she jumped out of her skin - and proceeded to cry for three more hours.

I love that boy, but C'MON!!!!

Anywho, we purchased a teething necklace from her, and I immediately kissed the ground of it's inventor (or at least I would of had I known who invented them, but you get the point).

Stone has been producing an obscene amount of drool these past few weeks, and I knew it was time to get his very own necklace - you know before the real all-night scream sessions began.

Now, I am not saying that your child will feel no pain of discomfort while wearing the necklace, but I am saying that if you have a baby, are planning on having a baby, or know someone who has a baby - do yourself a favor and go buy one of these - PRONTO!

Word of caution - be careful where you buy. Not all amber is true Baltic healing amber, and many necklaces use fillers and charge you a "competitive price" - yeah, competitive for who?

Go to and buy one from Kristi. She is a mom herself and will get it to ya in a jiffy. Tell her Meredith sent ya, not because she'll give you a discount, but because I think that it will be fun - so humor me :-). So giddy-up, mosey on over, strut your stuff, or just mouse-click your way over there and save your sanity. Seriously, what are you doing still reading this post?


Mommypotamus said...

I didn't know some of them used fillers, but I always wondered how to tell whether or not mine was genuine. I'll order from Kristy next time!

Anonymous said...

I love the one we got for Aubrey and she too had major teething trouble! Thanks for recommending it to us! The necklace looks great on Stone- I really like the colors of his.
Julie Haines

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