Friday, March 26, 2010

Down on the Farm

Ok, so maybe its not a farm, but for this city girl, a white picket fence and a pond equals a farm (forget the fact that less than a mile away is the town square). So we (the kids and I) are spending the week with my folks. I have been in much need of a "change of scenery" and this was just the ticket.

I feel like I am at a place of discontentment in my life, and often, all i need is a good weekend away from the "regularity" of life (as regular as a life with three children can be), to help lift my spirits. And my mom has the ability to distract me with her pedicure scheduling, local shop peruzing, loving on her grand kids ways.

Not to mention, EK and Peyton are having a blast with their uncles and aunt. They are something else. My brothers and sisters are teenagers who love video games, socializing, and talking on their cell phones. However, when my kiddos walk in the door, the world stops, they sit on the floor, and pretend to eat plastic food prepared in a Little Tykes kitchen.

We really are having a blast. We have nothing planned. It is spring break around this part of the country, so we are enjoying having everyone home all week long. My siblings can't wait to babysit, so my mom and I plan on taking them up on that.
We miss our daddy, as he stayed home to get some much needed work done (and probably some much needed rest too). I told him that he better get lots of sleep so I can rest when we get home - and based on last night with Stone - nighttime might prove to get the best of me this week.
But who couldn't love a face like this???

Not mine of course. Although it seems a rare occurene that I put a picture of myself on here, so enjoy, because it may be a while before you get another one!

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neal said...

We wish we were there w/ you guys! Make sure EK gets a trip in the boat on the pond. & eat a Central Dairy ice cream for me :)

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