Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Date Night

Ben loves taking our sweet little girls on daddy date nights.

I remember when my dad would take me on father/daughter nights. I thought I was the most special girl in the world. When I was little, they were trips to the go-cart park or to the local ice cream parlor. In my teenage years, they included concerts, late night pizza outings with my girlfriends, and even a couple tag-a-long business trips. They even continued into my college years, as I remember sitting on the curb in an empty parking lot of a local college, sharing a pizza and a 2 liter of sprite. That was the night I cried my eyes out, explaining that I would never find the man God had for me. I met Ben two weeks later. God is funny, huh?

Anywho, the tradition continues.

Ben enjoys taking our girls out one-on-one and learning their interests, thrills in life, and just getting to know their heart. I am sure most of it at this age includes what she had for lunch and how Eric pulled her hair at school today. But that's ok. He is there, listening, and she knows it.

I pray they always have the sweet relationship they do now. Even when OTHER boys are involved. Yikes, don't tell Ben I even mentioned that!

Well, at such a young age, Ben can still talk Ellie Kate into going pretty much anywhere, as long as there is a "special treat" involved. So when daddy came home and announced to our sweet first born that they would be attending a Thunder basketball game that night, she quietly said, "no thank you" and continued reading her book.

Hmmm, I could see the wheels turning in Ben's head.

"But Ellie Kate, I got a special treat for you at the Thunder game."

"Ok, daddy," and that was that. Oh how I wish we would ALWAYS be able to talk her into things by using a "special treat." I wonder when she will catch on.

Nonetheless, they went, and had a blast! They even met Kevin Durant!!
Ok, so maybe it is just a cardboard cut-out, but that's ok. I am most happy with the sweet discussion they got to have amidst the noise. God is preparing Ellie Kate to do big things in life, and I am so glad she has a daddy who is being obedient to the Lord. She is just as lucky as I was.


Memaw and Poppy said...

Get me a kleenex- you mean you really were listening during all those date nights with Dad?

Unknown said...

And don't you think for one moment that those times were not just as important to your Dad. He got to know a precious little girl who grew into an honorable wonderful wife, mother, and Christian example. You are fulfilling the scripture that instructs to "honor your mother and father" Matthew 19:19 in how you and Ben are following the Lord Jesus Christ.

I sure could use a Pizza and 1 liter Sprite about now.

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