Saturday, January 30, 2010

Weather Storm Survivors!

I don't think I really knew the meaning of "cabin fever" until being stuck inside with three children and a dog for nearly three days.

I just want to go somewhere. Anywhere. Shoot, I'd even go to the dentist - although I really like my dentist, so maybe that wasn't a good analogy.

In our neck of the woods, we got some major snow fall. Having lived in a warmer climate for almost four years, it was nice to have this beautiful winter weather at our doorstep. My kids are so unaccustomed to it that Ellie Kate asked me why there were a bunch of marshmallows outside. Boy do I need to get that kid out more - or limit her marshmallow intake. Both would probably be a good idea.

Anyway, here are some pics of our backyard.

Too bad my kids couldn't make a single snow angel or throw even one snowball. Having not been use to this type of weather, I had not equipped myself with the proper "playing in the snow" attire. Not a single glove in this house. Not that my kids knew the difference. If I showed them a sled, they would probably given me that "you want me to do what?" look.
Oh well, we survived this ice storm 2010, as our weathermen like to call it. And we did it in style. We might have gained a few extra pounds from all that "this is so boring" comfort food we have been eating, but other than that - no complaints. In fact, I would say we survived with a smile.


Heather said...

Marshmallows outside . . . I love it! The photos of the kids are adorable. Stone is such a handsome little man. Argh!! You make me want to blog.

Kristy said...

You should bring some snow inside in a big bowl and put it on the kitchen floor on top of a towel and let the girls play in it with some kitchen stuff (bowls and spoons, etc). And get some gloves!! :)

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