Thursday, March 5, 2009


This is Papa Ramsey.... What a great guy.

I feel like that word is used to loosely these days. I mean, we say, "wow, that was a great hamburger;" or "Did you see that great looking guy over there?" But when I use the word "great," I mean it.

Just so you aren't confused, let me define the meaning of a great man:

A man that loves Jesus more than he loves life.

It is a man who had four post marked checks sitting on his counter, ready to be mailed to several Christ-centered charities.

A great man takes care of his ill bed-ridden wife for nearly 5 years without ever complaining.

A man who buys snow cones for his granddaughter's entire soccer team.

It is a man that loves his family more than anything else on this earth. And not only does he say he loves them, but he shows it each and every day.

A man who is so accepting of his grand son's girlfriend, even if she was probably the 30th girl he had met :-).

A great man is a man who gives of himself mind, body, and resources just to help another.

He remembers every birthday.

A great man always insists on picking up the tab, just because he wants to bless his family.

One who will drop everything to make sure he sees his out-of-town grandchildren and great grandchildren when they come into town.

A great man is one that is so quick to forgive and forget.

He razzes a girl the first time she meets the family, but makes sure she knew he was just kidding before they parted ways.

Is the biggest cheerleader to each and every one of his grandchildren - even when they are just sitting on the bench.

He never holds a grudge against another.

It is a man who calls his 2 year old great granddaughter 4 times just to sing her happy birthday and then proceed to listen to her jammer on and on about nothing.

He is the man responsible for shaping my husband into the man he is today.

A great man is a man who leaves no regrets.

A great man is a man who yields over 250 people, both young and old, to his funeral because he touched so many lives.

A great man is one who leaves a legacy that will never be forgotten.

Papa Ramsey is all of these things and he is in our hearts forever. He may have only been my papa for about 4 years, but he made more of an immense impact on my life and I loved him very much. Goodbye Papa - we will see you soon.


The Merrell's said...

So sweet. It makes me think of Johnnys grandma that just passed away and even though I had only known her for five years she was my grandma to. They sound a lot a like. Were praying for you and Ben, I know its a hard time. But I love to think about them in Heaven completely healed and having a blast (our mamma was very sick and couldn't walk for years so we love to picture her running!) Praying for yall!

Memaw and Poppy said...

There aren't many of these kind anymore and you two are lucky to have been a part of his life. We send our love and thoughts to you both.

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