Thursday, March 5, 2009

Now I know my ABC's....

My darling first born is growing up, and I CANT STAND IT!

My dad use to always tell me "I am going to put bricks on your head to keep you from growing." I remember laughing at him and thinking, "silly dad." Now I, however, want to put bricks on my kid's heads to keep them from growing.

Ellie Kate is becoming a little lady everyday, and she will be in kindergarden before I know it. Then it will be junior high, high school, college graduation, and then the dreaded bride's room when my Ellie Kate will be somebody elses!

Stop. Stop. Stop. I can't even think that far.

So picking out wedding dresses may still be far in our future, but things ARE happening fast - at least faster than I would like. And here is the proof. My sweet first born singing her ABCs. Wow, you go girl!

P.S. Please excuse the overdone gasp at the end - this is one proud mama!

P.S.S. Detox is going great for all of you inquiring minds. On day three - and feel much better today. Felt pretty cranky, tired, and hungry yesterday. Today I feel like a new woman! Three days down, 18 more to go!


Beth said...

How adorable!!! Nate watched that with me, and helped fill in a few words at the end. It was so cute! I wish I would have had a camera on him watching it.

Mommypotamus said...

Wow she is such a cute little girl! You need to have a boy next our your house is going to get a cavity from all the sweetness : - )

The Merrell's said...

That is so cute!!! It is so sad to see them grow up so quick but I do love seeing what the next stage is gonna be!!

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