Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Predicament

Ok, so here is the Dilemma. The Ramsey household hosted a super bowl party for the youth group today. We had a great time playing the Wii, talking about "the" Rick Warren quote, and watching the Super Bowl. Ben was even thrilled with the outcome as he is a super Steelers fan.

So whats the problem? You just have to see it for yourself:

Leftovers. Ugh.

These are all the leftovers of our high-calorie, artery-clogging, straight to your thighs food fest. You can tell the food choice was not mine, but a general mixing of the teenagers major food groups - bratwursts, taquitos, mozzarella cheese sticks, chips and salsa, skittles, and M&M's. As one student told me - "it is all your major food groups; from the fruit in the skittles to the veggies in the salsa." Yikes. That is all I have to say.

So here is the problem - what do I do with all of these leftovers! I'm surely not giving it to my family, who already have a difficult enough time eating their vegetables and I don't need any help from the junk food fairy.

I seriously contemplated throwing it all down the drain, until my husband "the pacifist" reminds me of the starving children in Africa.

My sights then turned to the dog, but I even love him to much to feed him food that will send him to an early grave.

Then, you came to my mind - all my blogging buddies. You will surely know what to do. So tell me, ease my pain, and pull me out of the never ending piles of junk food accumulating in my refrigerator. What do I do with it?????


Melinda said...

Um, probably not what you want to hear-but I would probably end up eating most of it. :)

Kristy said...

Send it to work with Ben. That's always my solution!

Beth said...

I would say to send it to the next youth if they get together on Wednesday night or something. Or, sending it to work with the hubby always works for me too. If all else fails, just throw it away. Unless Ben wants to pack it up and mail it to someone who is starving, it isn't going to feed the hungry anyway.

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