Friday, January 30, 2009

Future Mommies of America

These girls right here - they are, the future mommies of America. Funny story. On Tuesday and Thursday, I watch a sweet little girl from our church, and she has become one of Ellie Kate's buddies. They do everything together all day long, and they usually cry when they have to leave each other.

This particular week, Peyton has been teething very badly. She cries pretty much all day, and mommy had to hold her just about every minute of the day. After spending all day Tuesday watching me in action, they were ready to be the mommies on Thursday.

Every time Peyton would make a noise in her crib, I would head in their only to find this -

If you notice, Peyton is all smiles. Tatum and Ellie Kate were standing on the bottom rail of Peyton's crib - singing to her. So sweet. It about melted my heart. While I was having my sappy mommy moment, it dawned on me that this is about the only smile I had seen from Peyton in a few days. So I tiptoed out (after snagging this photo), and let the girls sing until their hearts content. Mostly, they sang the Barney song, Jesus loves me (which they only sing about every 3rd word), and Twinkle Twinkle little star, which is only recognizable by a mom.

So there they are, the future mommies of America, however, unlike the FFA, this one has an enternal reward someday!

I thought I would leave you with this closing video of Peyton, in the full swing of teething, refusing to be soothed by anything - but Barney. Here is the proof:

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