Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Jump, Pey Pey, Jump!

With a wild, rambunctious toddler running around the house, entertaining us all, its so easy to forget to blog about sweet Peyton and all her adorableness.

She is almost six months old (tear), and remains a wonderful baby. She loves life and is content with all it holds. I thought she would never roll over, I mean, she was five months old! However, she did it in her own time, and is now a rolling machine. She really had no desire to roll over. She was perfectly content laying wherever I put her, and playing with whatever toy I placed in her hands. Then one fateful day, she saw it....the purple toucan. It was staring at her, in all its purpleness, just dying to be picked up and gnawed on. She had to have it and in three seconds, she rolled to her tummy, grabbed it in her tiny hands, it went straight to her mouth, where it remained for a good several minutes. All the while, her mommy looked on with such pride.

Besides her grand rolling escapade, she is getting new hobbies everyday. She sits in her bumbo seat and watches mommy do dishes, loves to be tickled by her big sister, and sits up for a good five minutes at a time (until she gets lazy and topples to the side. But most of all, she jumps. She loves loves loves her jumper. She would sit in it all day and be perfectly fine. Of course, I have to get her out to explore every once in a while. I mean, its not like she can go to college in that thing!

Please don't get mad at me for making fun of my daughter's chunky thighs. They're so cute I could just squeeze em.

Love you baby girl, Mom.

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The Anderson Zoo said...

I love those things. Cooper could have sat in his all day long & never fuss about it. We had to take Christopher out of it when he was little because he jumped so high & so hard I was afraid he would get hurt. He was so strong. Your girls are so cute. Hope you guys have a great weekend.

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