Sunday, January 25, 2009

Where did I go wrong?

This past weekend, we headed back to Oklahoma City to visit my parents who were conducting a marriage conference in a nearby city. I was thrilled at the rare opportunity for my kids to spend time with their Memaw and Poppy.

While they love their Memaw and Poppy very much, their is a special place in my girl's heart for their aunts and uncles, especially ones of the teenage variety. Ellie Kate love her uncle Josh, uncle Lie-Lie (Elijah), Uncle No (Noah), and Aunt Yily (Lily).

Because my parents were busy teaching both days, we got to spend lots of time with the aunts and uncles. I really do appreciate their enthusiasm as they are up to wrestling all afternoon, participating in late-night tickle fights, and going up and down and up and down the stairs. I wish I could hire them full-time.

Like any out-of-town doting family member, they put up with much for our girls, throwing all discipline out the window. "I can't get on to her, I only see her twice a year" was the phrase I kept hearing. Just to prove the craziness, I had to show you my darling two year old, abusing her fourteen year old uncle. I am positive he wouldn't take this kind of abuse from anyone but his "sweet" niece.

Just to make sure you all didn't think I was a horrible mom, laughing at my daughter's cruelty, here is my proof of apology:

She gets her orneriness from her daddy, I swear.


Kristy said...

Ha! Uncles are good for those sorts of things. Sorry we missed seeing her! But I hear she enjoyed being the "older cousin" to Addie! :)

Whitney said...

hahaha! So cute! :) Your blog makes being a mommy sound like so much fun. Love it!

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