Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Healthy Toys

Thanks to a wonderful friend of mine, I have been introduced to a world called, "disgusting things that live in your kid's toys." I know, depressing thought huh?

Normally, I would look the other way and pretend I didn't read that there are elements in your toys that can result in reactions, poisoning, and even future infertility! YIKES!

However, once I learned how easy it could be to change at least SOME of the toys that can make your kids sick, I just had to pass the news along to my blogging buddies.

While you can choose to get rid of all your toys that contain chemicals, you can also just find out the specific parts of your toys that have lead, chlorine, mercury, etc. and rid your house of those. For instance, I did a search on all the toys we currently own and found some surprising news. Peyton's jumper, which she loves (clearly seen in earlier post), has a low chemical rating. It received this rating because the blue eye on the frog as well as the red cloth parrot contain Bromine. These particular pieces simply dangle from the top of the jumper. I simply yanked them off, through them in a storage container, and that was that. No more Bromine on my babies toys! I know, super easy right?

While Ben and I would love to buy high-end chemical free toys, all organic products, and give our babies the absolute best, it just doesn't fit a preacher's budget. So we do what we can, and bathe our kids in prayer for the rest. This, however, is a no-cost way to help your kiddos live healthier and happier, even on a strict budget. They may never thank you for it, but give yourself a point on the unappreciated mommy card, and maybe we will get a crown in heaven someday for our unknowingly good deeds.

Here is the site - watch out, it can be addicting.

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