Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oh, the joys of breastfeeding...

For all you fellow breastfeeding moms out there, please sympathize.

How come every baby always gets hungry at the most in opportune time? Or is that just my baby? No kidding. The minute I tuck her safe and sound the car seat..she's hungry. Ellie Kate falls down and bonks her head of the coffee table...she's hungry. The quietest time in the sermon, I get a page...she's hungry. I mean it, it never fails!

Not only does she pick the most inconvenient times, she also has a tendency to pick the most inconvenient places. Don't get me wrong, I am all about the power of breastfeeding. Fewer things please me more than to see a mom breastfeeding in public. It makes me want to yell "you go girl!" But there are a few places that I have felt, well let just say slightly less than comfortable.

On my trip home from Columbus lats Saturday, I knew it would be a long trip that would require a few feedings. I wanted to schedule my feedings for right before the plane ride, so she could eat, be full, and sleep the whole trip. The first plane ride from Columbus to Charlotte, NC was perfect. She was well fed, and before we even took of the ground, she was out. She woke up a little later, but did wonderful whole way there.

When we touched down, we were little behind schedule. I realized that I would have to literally run to my next flight, which I did, and I barely arrived before they closed the doors. Crisis averted...well almost.

When I sat down, I barely even noticed the passenger next to me until I had a few moments to catch my breath. I looked up and saw this young Hispanic gentleman with tattoos, wild piercings, and fat chains around his neck. Now this wouldn't normally be a big deal. I love the hard look as much as the next girl, but it was about this thought that I looked down at my darling daughter, who was beginnings to stick out the bottom lip and look at me with those "I'm hungry" eyes.

Uh-oh. What to do? My baby has to eat, but would this rapper wannabe be comfortable in such close quarters with my child breastfeeding. Well, he wouldn't have a choice. It was feed or listen to her scream. So I sheepishly apologized for any uncomfortableness that this may cause, but I had to feed my baby. He said, Oh yea, no big deal, but he proceeded to put his hand up by his face and said "I promise not to look." I couldn't help but laugh. I told him I was pretty good at using my handy dandy breastfeeding cover, and that I was not bothered by it. He said, "oh OK," but then started to inch closer and closer to the window, until there was no room for an ant.

Such a sweet fellow. I hope one day, when his wife chooses to breastfeed, that he will look back on this day and laugh, wondering, "why was I so paranoid?" As for me, I will continue to breastfeed, even in the oddest of times and places, because hey, its what is best..right? :-)

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Melinda said...

I am so with you. I have breastfed in so many public places it's not even funny. I can hardly use my cover anymore though because Gracie is too squirmy and won't eat with it on. So if I'm in the car I just park somewhere semi out of the way and whip it out. I almost swore off church the first few months and thought I would have to find a TV evangelist I was so frustrated but then I started bringing a pumped bottle for her to eat during service so I actually get a break. Every once in a while you just need a pat on the back and to hear, "Way to go for doing the healthiest, most selfless thing for your baby!"

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