Tuesday, November 4, 2008


For Halloween, Ellie Kate was Dorothy from the Wizard of OZ. Her best buddies are her sidekicks. Jonathan is the scarecrow. Josiah was the tin man, and Jaxson was the lion. By this time in the night, they were sooo over their costumes
"where dey go?"

My sleepy pumpkin

cutie pie!
So we had a great time celebrating Fall at our church's Fall Festival. Ellie Kate dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard of OZ. Her buddies joined in the fun. We had such a great time and even let Ellie have a few pieces of candy (we payed for it later!). As I was watching Ellie Kate climb in the moon bounce, ride a tricycle in the tot zone, and play all the carnival games, I couldn't believe that this was my baby! Where had the time gone? Last year, she was my little lady bug and she sat in her stroller the whole time. She couldn't even walk, let alone run and play on all the games. While I am loving each stage as it comes my way, I am sad as I close each chapter.

What makes me even more sad is the thought of where my babies will be next year. Ellie Kate will be talking like crazy, wanting her independence, and be a kid, not a baby anymore! Peyton will be walking, starting to talk and be a full blown toddler. I just want to put bricks on their heads, and make them stay small! It makes me cherish each rock in the rocking chair. Why are we in such a hurry to get our kids on that perfect schedule, falling asleep on their own, sleeping in big girl beds, and getting rid of that pacifier! I want to enjoy each moment and enjoy their childhood...before its gone!

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Shara said...

I know, I absolutely love that verse. Your girls are adorable, so glad to have found your blog! :) And I will definitely have to try your advice about laboring on the commode, lol!

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