Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Some details.

So if you missed the big announcement. Or if you couldn't download the video. Or if maybe you just haven't been on the computer in a few days (GASP!), let me catch you up.


Phew, I am now relieved that every single person on the planet knows. Or at least the pretty ones.

Thank you all for the support and encouragement. I knew I could count on all of YOU to give us our proper Hallelujah, Praise God, these-people-finally-made-it celebration.

So now for some more proper details, along with a few prayer requests.

1. Ben leaves in 2 weeks to head up there and kick-off the summer student ministry, as well as look for a house.
2. Ben will be taking the position as full-time student pastor at a SB contemporary church.
3. The kids and I will stay here with our supportive family until we get the a-ok from daddy that we have a roof to sleep under :-)
4. It is our desire to all be up there by July 1st. Fingers crossed.
5. In the meantime, we are packing like crazy, trying to only live on necessities so we can be ready in an instant.
6. We are going on a little vacation in July, and we are considering it our final hoo-rah as a pre-Colorado-resident family. (plus, wed already planned and payed for it, so whoops!)

1. That Ben finds a great rental house without me. EEEEKK!
2. That God brings us the right house in the RIGHT budget. Double EEEEEKK!
3. That I don't lose my mind w/ 3 kids for a month by myself. I'll save you the triple EEEEEKK!!
4. That God would show up financially for us because there are bumps that only HE can answer.
5. That God keeps all 5 of our hearts, minds, and bodies safe as we spend over a month apart from each other.
6. That God would give great favor to Ben as he tries to incorporate himself into this new ministry.
7. That God would give Ben a place to stay while he is there by himself. (He will be staying with a church member, its just still up in the air as to who that will be. You know, we are still accepting applications. hehe)
8. That God might provide something for me to do to earn a little income, with my kids in-tow, or maybe something I could do from home??.
9. That we would find a place that takes dogs. We have found alternative arrangements in case, but we hope there is no "in case."

1. Uhh, that we got the job. DUH!
2. And that it is everything our hearts have prayed, hoped, and dreamed for.
3. Ben got a new car! Well, new to him. His car bit the dust about a month ago, and we have since been on the hunt for a fabulous car on a not-so-fabulous budget. And God granted. He bought one yesterday from a sweet local pastor in our town. Yipee!
4. The girls took the news really well. EK has a few reservations about leaving her "Addison, Kaityn Mae, Mimi, & Addie" but once we told her they might all come and visit (hope you are reading this Keli, Jennifer, Mimi, and Kristy!), she felt much better about the situation.
5. Ben gave his two-weeks on Monday, and his non-believer boss was thrilled that he was getting back into "the business he was meant to do." Wow.
6. The thunder won their playoff game last night. Don't Judge.

Well, that's it. For now. Thanks again for being excited right along with us. We consider you all family. A weird family - but family.



Kristy said...

Addie cried when I told her. Not for very long, but there were definitely tears. I promised her we will come visit so tell EK that we WILL and we'll be so excited to see her new house!

lsprad said...

This is awesome!! Made me smile soo big! I have lots of friends in Denver who might have some great house connections...know what area you are looking in?? ( no seriously it seems like every other week another friend from college is uprooting their family todo missions in New Zealand, Africa or some other country and needing to rent their home out fast!)

Jo said...

holy cow, this is so great, and a huge answer to our prayers. we'll keep praying for all of you, of course. can't wait to read posts from colorado!

Kelly said...

congrats on the big move! God will work out the details you are just along for the ride! thanks for checking out my blog. Denver sure is far from Siesta Key! You will love it!

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