Saturday, January 8, 2011

My purse.

This is my purse.

Nothing special. Just a rainy Monday impulse Target purchase.

What is special is what lies within the purse. Well, maybe not 'special' as much as strange, peculiar, and a little eye-opening.

Are you shocked that ALLLLL that fit in that seemingly small purse?

Yea, I was too.

Well, just try and look past that as I divulge myself to you - mind, body, and purse.

I'll start with the high points.

I have recently started the 6-week challenge boot camp. I absolutely adore everything about it. Except the early morning alarm-clock, the sweat, and the fact that I can't even do one decent sit-up.

I mean, its so bad. But it is getting easier, so I'll take.

The work-out often involves push-ups, and during the first few days, I was having a hard time keeping my hands firmly planted on those slick MMA mats. So Ben suggested I wear these, and I do. And for some reason, I keep them in my purse.

What mom purse isn't complete without these? I am not real sure why they are in there, but they have been for at least a week and a half.

This is the motherload. Next to the Bible, it is the most important book in my life. In it contains my random thoughts, endless grocery-lists and meal plans, occasional doodling by my children, and reminders of important dates and events. It travels everywhere with me. Kinda like a plastic blankey.

This is a great invention. I never leave home without it. It allows me to transport any restaurant napkin into a bib for my children. Saved me many an outfit.

Oh, the hair bows. They end up in here, and I am not sure how they get there. Its kinda like when the dryer eats my socks.

Speaking of socks, I always carry two pair. Just in case we decide to have an emergency Chick-fil-a outing and just in case my children are wearing flip-flops. No child of mine is going barefoot on that filthy plastic. Hey, just be glad I let them go in to that germ-infested pool of filth called the play-place.

Yeah, I am that mom.

The 21st century form of child entertainment. I have countless children's books downloaded and I whip it out in cases of emergency. (Emergency = boring doctor's office waiting room, in line at the bank, amidst the women's section of our local department store)

And now I would like to transition to the low points.

Like a half-eaten Lara bar.

That I promptly threw away, I promise.

And the pacifier holder and a pacifier. Not working in harmony.

I mean, the idea was to keep the pacifiers clean in there. I'll add that to my list of New Year's Resolutions.

And just in case the Ipod dies or gets thrown to the side, I whip these out.

It is amazing the stories that have been told using a baby, a fireman, and a chair. My children have quite the imagination.

And last, but certainly not the least, the crown to my third molar.

Don't worry, it was only a temporary one, and I am keeping it so that my dentist can put it back on tomorrow. Don't be afraid, I promise it is the only bone I have within my purse.

Well, that's it. My purse. I must admit, I was a little nervous, but now that we have reached this new level of transparency I feel much better.


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Anonymous said...

Which one are you going to? I've been going to an all women's boot camp in Norman at 6:30. I also absolutely love it. It's almost become an obsession for me. I look forward to iteveryday.

Whitney said...

GIRL. That is one heck of a load in that purse. At least we know you're getting a good arm workout with that thing. :)

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