Monday, November 1, 2010

Blogging Challenge - Day 5

Of course, the guidelines.

Day 5 - Short term goals for this month and dreams for your life ahead.

Mostly because I am lazy, but also to keep from boring you with useless jibber jabber, I am going to list this in, well, list form.

Novel idea, I know.

And you're welcome.

Short Term Monthly Goals:
  • How perfect is it that this "monthly goal" question landed on November 1st? Totally didn't plan that. This isn't really a monthly goal, is it? Well, this particular bullet doesn't count. It is my blog, stop judging.
  • Share my faith at least once a week.
  • Finish my Christmas shopping.
  • Blog at least 15 times this month
  • Lose five pounds
  • Email/Facebook every single girl in my 9th grade small group - there is a TON of them.
  • Sell the rest of my "craigslist stash" that is in the garage.
  • Add at least $100 to the furniture fund.
  • Bake my weight in things that smell "fallish."
  • Trust God for my circumstances. Believe he will provide, even when it seems unrealistic.
  • Run at least 3 times a week.
  • Not buy ANYTHING for myself.
  • Make my tithe the first check I write after each paycheck.

Dream for your life ahead:

  • Be in youth ministry. Maybe full-time, maybe as a volunteer. But BE IN MINISTRY!
  • Go on a romantic getaway just me and Ben.
  • Get a house, and consequently, a permanent, full-time position..
  • See all my family members come to know Jesus as their Savior.
  • Take a family vacation every year.
  • Take Ben somewhere outside of the United States.
  • Have more kids.
  • Learn to grow a garden.
  • Take Ben to Fenway Park.
  • Take time to enjoy each stage of life with my children.
  • Read through the Bible in a year.
  • Take more pictures.
  • Be a better friend.

Whew. I feel like the guys on The Buried Life.

And what is a good post without a good picture....

Can't wait to read your goals!

Even if you haven't been playing along, link up for this post, it was so interesting to write!


Kathleen Miller said...

I feel SO a bit new to this blogging world. How do you link up a post?! lol

jessica said...

Let's all take a trip to Fenway Park!!

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