Thursday, October 28, 2010

Blogging Challenge - Day 2

(Here are the rules, in case you want to play along!)

Day 2 - A recent picture of you and your friends.

Jessica is my best friend, and has been since the sixth grade.

Well, in all honesty, probably like mid-sixth grade, because I think that first semester, we were a little "unkind" to the new girl (aka. jessica), but she has forgiven me for that. At least, I hope.

This past weekend was Jessica and I's annual biggest shopping day of the year. The last weekend in October is our city's annual craft show. It is Un.Real. We always have so much fun, and this year was the first time we got to shop for her new little girl!

It is always more fun to spend someone else's money.

It rained on us a little, but that never stops our fun.

I truly love this girl like a sister. She has been there for me through some serious highs and through some serious lows, and I am sure she will be there for a few more.

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