Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My life - in bullets

  • I am obsessed with teeny bopper reality TV. Although I don't admit it in everyday life, I am currently obsessed with watching things like Bachelor Pad and Teen Mom. I swear I don't wish to be a teenager again, but I just can't resist the urge to watch.

  • I love candy corn - but only in the Fall. I was actually surprised a couple months ago that they sell it all year. Who knew?

  • I counted down the hours until Stone's new crib bumper arrived in the mail, and now it is sitting on the bed in the spare bedroom. You know...because he still isn't in a crib.

  • I feel blah about the job hunt. I am beginning to wonder what the purpose in all of this actually is.

  • Ben bet a 46 year old, chain smoking, mountain-dew drinking co-worker that he couldn't run a mile in under 12 minutes. They bet $100 and I have already mentally spent that money.

  • The Pioneer Woman is my new hero. While I have loved her in the past, I am discovering more recipes that I adore and my family loves. She is also the reason I want a Le Creuset for Christmas.

  • I am not really sure why I need a Le Creuset, but she cooks Every.Single.Dish with one, so I need one too.

  • After watching The Little Couple the other day, I spent the rest of the afternoon researching how to become a surrogate mom. Not that Ben would ever let me....

  • I Hate Facebook. And I Love Twitter.

  • My father-in-law has recently reached an all new level of crazy. Last night, after I had gone upstairs to bed, he kept texting me random lines from nursery rhymes, none of which belonged together, and all from the comfort of his bedroom - downstairs. Weird. But kinda funny too.

  • I love the idea of running, but when it actually comes time to lift my lazy booty off the couch to go do it - I just can't seem to muster up the energy. I come up with some excuse like, "Stone nursed a lot today, so I think I have burned enough calories." Right.

  • I keep telling myself that I want to blog everyday, but I somehow think that I just don't have enough material. Who am I kidding? I could probably blog everyday for the next month on things my children have tried to flush down the toilet - including green beans and a pumpkin.

  • Love this idea? Swipe it from me! Did I really just say "swipe?" No more Dora the Explorer for me.

*Comment on this post with a link to your blog, so that everyone can go read YOUR life in bullets.


Jo said...


lsprad said...

this is totally gonna do it! But i had to reveal my secret love for teeny-bopper tv too... but mine is 90210, gossip girl, one tree hill, ect....yes, i should be ashamed of myself I know!

The Anderson Zoo said... list won't be as funny as yours though...i am pretty boring. :)

Whittney said...

LOLOL about your FIL! Barry and I text each other from different that bad for a marriage?!?!

Here's mine:

Mae Burke said...

i played the "nursing workout game" too...but now that lily's weaned...I have no excuse!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Sorry it has taken me so long to comment back. This has been some kinda week. So good to "meet" another youth pastor's wife on here. Your kids are just beautiful!

Also, I can not believe I read your blog right before I wrote mine because I was toying with the idea of doing bullet points. Now, I believe I will!

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