Monday, August 30, 2010

Just an average Monday

Dear husband,

I am so sorry that the pile of laundry that is overflowing onto our bedroom floor was not touched today.

And I am sorry that there are half eaten bowls of cereal still sitting in the sink from breakfast this morning.

Oh, and that smell - the trash needs to be taken out.

Yes, that is raw chicken sitting on our counter. It was intended to be the main dish of a gourmet meal tonight - but you are getting Peanut Butter and Jelly instead.

When you came home from lunch today - sorry that meal was not prepared, and you reheated leftovers from last Friday. Or was it last Monday? Yikes.

That smell? I told you to take the trash out. You already did? Oh, yeah, its me. I haven't showered today and I am wearing the aroma of peas and sweet potatoes on my shirt.

It's really not my fault.

I mean, I started to unload the dishwasher, and I attempted to fold some laundry, and I even was on my way to the bathroom to brush my hair - but I got interrupted.

One little cutie-pa-tootie refused to nap today.

He is in the throws of his sixth tooth and he absolutely refused to give his mama a break.

I seriously considered sitting in the middle of the floor and throwing a pity party. And it even crossed my mind to put him in his jumper and attempt to check ONE thing off my to-do list.

But, instead, I spent the entire day cuddling him, rocking him, and singing his favorite tunes. Don't worry though, I savored every moment.

So the laundry will have to wait. The dishes will still be there tomorrow. And the peanut butter is in the pantry.

It has been a crazy day, but I'm sure one day, I will beg for days like today.

Thanks for understanding.

Love, Your darling wife


Christy said...

Made me tear up. I SO know what you mean! You're a good mamma Meredith!

lsprad said...


joannalee said...

wow! i can't even tell you how many days i've had like that. and just like you, all those thoughts are like little apologies to my hubby.

Dawn said...

LOVE IT!!!! you have a gift at blogging....seriously.

Reese's Pieces said...

LOVE this! It could be a Hallmark card or something. lol! I always like how you seem to capture the exact thing I would say if I could put it into words! We are so much alike and I love reading your blog!

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