Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Cut

As my faithful readers can tell you, most of my blog posts are feel-good, light-hearted, and fun-loving. I like to chronicle the life of my three little children and bring a smile to the face of whomever might read its content. I like to bring to light the joys of my life and the occasions that surround them. I like my posts to be filled with glee.

THIS, however, is not one of those posts.

Nope. I would pretty much say this post is anything but feel good, light-hearted, slaptastic fun.

You see, it was only a few days ago, after leaving my children in the loving care of their daddy, that I came home to this...

Now, you are probably thinking what I am thinking - Ellie Kate cut her sister's hair. Well, you'd be wrong.

Thought #2 - Ellie Kate cut her own hair? Wrong-O.

Thought #3 - Ellie Kate cut Stone's hair? You are halfway right.

Don't waist your time thinking it was Peyton. Nope, my precious baby boy got his hair chopped from his perfect little head by his majorly-in-trouble, never-allowed-to-touch-scissors, going-to-be-reminded-for-the-rest-of-his-life daddy.

His hair was perfect. It has these teeny-tiny curls that wrapped perfectly around his little head and would make any girl envious.

Now, when I can see past the tears, I see an almost bald, no more curls, baby boy.

"What were you thinking?!?"
"You better go find so super glue immediately."
"What? Are you trying to get him enlisted in the army?"
"Just call me Delilah, and you better be sleeping with one eye open tonight."
These were just a few of the comments I managed to mutter as I was sobbing hysterically while clutching his bag of locks close to my heart.

Sure, he might be smiling, but I sure wasn't. Oh man, I can't even bear to look.

In honor of the lost locks, I thought I would post a picture from the 'pre-cut' era.
Rest in peace, sweet curls that I loved.

I am only choosing to discuss their heinous act, because I am sure that someday I will stop crying about it.
Someday I will admit that it was only hair.
Someday I will concur that Ben had good intentions at heart.
Someday I will say that I overreacted.
Someday, however, is NOT today.


Memaw and Poppy said...

He is still adorable no matter what!

Jo said...

Aw, I feel your pain. Ayla got her first hair cut last week, and it was still sad for me, even though I'm the one who did it! My little baby!

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